A Gift to Myself – Unplug from Social Media

My first hike at Holt Hill in Andover. I want to be doing more of this over the summer!


I wasn’t sure if my decision to take a break from social media this summer was a good one. However, if my giddiness, as I sit down to write this is, any indication, then I think the timing is right.

I do not wish to sign off completely from all outlets, including my blog, but I do want to slow down this summer. I want to truly enjoy everything I’m doing without the subconscious nagging that I should post something or take a pic. Honestly, social media can be a lot sometime. I think taking a break once in a while is a great way to reconnect with your real life and what’s really important. In a weird way, I feel like making this happen is really nice thing I am doing for myself – a treat, if you will.

For some, being active on social media comes naturally. Not so much for me and so for now, I just want to be in the moment and if I’ve forgotten my phone, which I do often, then so be it. There will of course be occasions when I can’t resist the periodic Facebook post or Instagram pic (prom and graduation!!!), so I look forward to those moments and sharing the various cocktail and food posts that I’m falling in love with on Delish.com, but otherwise the blog and more regular postings will be quiet for now.

Thank you to all who continue to read 3 Olives & a Twist and I look forward to resuming communication this fall.

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I too have taken a break from social media. I’m trying to limit myself to viewing on the weekends only. This has been quite refreshing. That being said, when I know an important event in a friend/family’s life is happening and photos are being posted, I will take a look in order to share in the joy of the occasion.

Loyce Lawlor

Cheers to that!


Enjoy your time off, life is too short.