Buono Bistro Italian Eatery: Great Food and Better Service

Buono Bistro Chicken Picatta
Chicken Piccata – so tender,  knife not needed.


~Before I begin today’s post – I would like to express my deepest sadness for those touched by the tragic events in Orlando, FL. As the mother of two daughters, I can only pray for a more peaceful and compassionate world for their future.~


What makes a good restaurant? Sure, the food; but more than that, for me, is the service. By this I don’t just mean the server got my order right and in a timely manner, but the kind of service that makes you feel genuinely welcome.

Date Night at Buono Bistro

I get this feeling every time I go to one of my new favorite spots in North Andover – Buono Bistro. This Italian eatery has impressed me on several occasions and, typically, I’m not one to dine out on Italian. I guess my Italian heritage has me spoiled by my own family’s Italian food. However, the fine Italian cuisine and atmosphere at Buono Bistro has me coming back for more.


Buono Bistro Veal Parmesan
Tony’s all-time favorite: Veal Parmesan


The Vibe

My first time in, the place was buzzing. A full house, live piano music and an elegant crystal chandelier all caught my attention at Buono Bistro. As did the owner and executive chef, Faisal Bazarto, whom I noticed walking about the restaurant engaging guests in conversation. Dressed in kitchen attire, it was clear that Bazarto was working both the back and front of the house. I love the idea of a hands-on owner who is so clearly invested a complete dining experience.

The Chef

When Chef Bazarto approached Tony and me, we were just about done and ready for the bill.  He asked how we’d enjoyed our meal and offered us dessert. We were so full, we declined, but somehow the personable chef saw through our facade and hand delivered us a small cannoli sampling, on the house, anyway.


Buono Bistro Cannoli
The filling of this cannoli is to die for.


The Review

I couldn’t get over how charming Chef Bazarto was, and how wonderful it was for him to take the time to speak with us and ensure that we left with the sweetest impression. There was a real sense that everyone from the hostess to the waitress to the owner was authentically happy to serve us. The exceptional treatment made all the difference.

We’ve been back several times since and just this past Saturday we enjoyed yet another delightful meal. This time, Danielle served us and she was perfectly attentive, helpful and efficient. She made eye contact, was smiling and was just the right amount of chatty – Lovely on all counts!

It’s not often I enjoy a restaurant enough to want to return on a regular basis, but I’m happy to say I’ve found such a place in Buono Bistro.

No matter where you live, finding that special spot to return to again and again is like discovering a gold mine.

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

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7 years ago

Adding it to my list – sounds like it’s just what I would like

7 years ago

Wish we had this restaurant closer to Cape Cod!

Sam Sandra Monroe
7 years ago

I will need to try it again on your recommendation. We went several years ago when it first opened and had a terrible experience.

Jen K
7 years ago

I like Buono Bistro too! Everything you wrote is true! My experience too when I’m there. It’s a great, little find.