Fresh Food For Fido (or should I say Oscar )

fresh food pet food

If you are a pet lover, you are probably aware of the fresh food trend as it relates to pet food. There are a number of providers out there who will ship fresh, all natural pet food right to your door. All for a hefty cost, but a nice alternative for those furry friends who have trouble with kibble and canned foods.


Licking his chops waiting for his next meal.

I had never considered the fresh food route for Oscar, since he’s been on prescription dog food for the majority of time we’ve had him.  He had always done well on his prescribed food and that sweet boy will eat anything, so I never saw a reason to change. Until, one day in August Oscar did the one thing I’ve always said would be a sure reason to worry – he refused his food.


Let me back up a bit and explain. All had been going well on his prescription food, until a new bag was delivered.  I noticed the smell and kibble shape were different. I double checked the bag and indeed had the correct variety. However, the print on the bag noted a new and improved taste. No big deal, a change in flavor shouldn’t impact anything. Boy, was I wrong. After several days on the new formula, I noticed Oscar becoming lethargic. Truthfully, he’s old and diabetic so I thought he was simply have a few bad days. It happens now and again and it was August –  he hates summer. A few more days passed and he continued to decline. Then, one morning he snubbed his food all together. NEVER, I mean never, has this happened. Panicked, I ran to the fridge to see what else I had that he could eat. I threw together a bowl of chicken, rice and sweet potato that I luckily already had prepared. I set it down and he gobbled up every last bite. My poor baby had been sick for days and, in that moment, I knew it was the food. Something in the formula change was making him sick. Of course, I spoke with his vet and informed the dog food company, but I knew what I had to do. I couldn’t feed him his old food again, so I began making his own fresh food. I could’ve purchased fresh food, but with his diabetic condition I couldn’t be sure how he’d respond, so better to make my own.

Oscar’s Fresh Food

fresh food pet food

Oscar will be 14 this month – he has good days and bad days. But since making his fresh food, I have seen noticeable change in him. He seems more satisfied and content, his insulin dose has reduced, he sleeps more soundly and he enjoys his meals soooo much. After several trial runs, I settled on a combination of ground turkey, brown rice, hard-boiled egg, cut green beans and carrots. Once in a while I’ll sprinkle in some shredded cheese for an added treat. He loves it and I feel good about giving it to him. I stock up on ground turkey when it’s on sale and cook in batches. Cooking Oscar’s food myself is more cost-effective. It also gives me control over the ingredients. It’s a lot of extra work, but he’s happy and I’m happy to do it for him.

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4 years ago

Oscar is one lucky dog!

4 years ago

Oscar is one lucky dog! That meal looks delicious 🙂