Positive Daily Intention – Bring it on 2020!

positive daily intention 2020
One can only hope!

It’s easy to slide down the slippery slope of negativity. We are barraged with a lot of challenging issues, situations and unwelcome realities. Often times, it’s hard to “look on the bright side.”

Over the past several months, I have begun practicing the art of setting a positive daily intention. I have followed suggestions from this link to help go about being a more positive person.

Additionally, I read that it is helpful to write down your intention. I found this to be the most valuable piece of advice. I have actually chosen to text my daily intention to a “buddy” who is also interested in embracing a positive mindset. By texting my intention, I’m not only writing it down, so to speak, but I’m inviting accountability by sharing my goal with another person. This has been helpful and uplifting.

The idea of living a positive life and setting daily intentions may sound overly optimistic, if not a bit delusional. I can only tell you that for those of us who have tried it, and compared notes, it really has worked. While the negative things that surround us have not changed, the way in which we respond to them has.

I firmly believe that we can rewire our brains to the positive. Throughout this process, I have begun following The Power of Positivity both on Facebook and Instagram. My Aunt first turned me on to these short affirmations and I marveled at how many spoke to me at times when I really needed an encouraging word. For that, I thank you Auntie Carolyn. I continue to follow and enjoy the Power of Positivity every day.

We all have a little Debbie Downer in us…


If you’re in a funk and feeling the winter blues, setting a positive daily intention may be a small step toward keeping Debbie down and out of your life!

My Daily Intention

My intention for today is to prioritize and stay focused on what’s most important.

A Few Favorites from The Power of Positivity on Instagram

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Lisa M.
4 years ago

Love this Beth, well said and so true!!

4 years ago

Thank you for those positive statements, they are so true. Happy New Year, Beth!