Columbus Day – What to do?

Columbus Day - statue


Happy Columbus Day! This is the first year in a long time that my weekend has not been consumed by a soccer tournament or some other kid activity.  Not going to lie – it’s been pretty great.

Today is the official Columbus Day holiday and, of course, it got me thinking about this lovely day off. If you’re not so fortunate to have the day to yourself, I wish you the opportunity to knock off early and do something enjoyable.

So Columbus Day – the day in 1492 when Christopher Columbus “discovered” America. There’s lots to be said about the history of this day.  Here are a few sites that shed light in far more an articulate manner than I ever could…

OK, now that we’ve brushed up on all things Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria I have to figure out what I’ m going to do this quiet Monday.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Gardening – I really need to get outside and spruce up. A few seasonal mums and some pumpkins should do the trick. This may be a little ambitious though.
  2. How about a Hike? – This really seems a perfect thing to do after yesterday’s washout and what better time than fall to walk among the trees.
  3. Newburyport Fall Festival – I’m always up for a ride to Newburyport and today I’m even more intrigued with live music in Market Square from 1-4 pm and the 15th Annual Scarecrow Concert.
  4. Sales – Did someone say shopping? Check out Business Insider’s Columbus Day Sales not to miss. Not bad!
  5. Topsfield Fair – Today’s the last day. If you’re a fan of fairs – now’s your last chance.
  6. LEGO Lovers Look Out– The Wenham Museum is featuring LEGOs at Large.
  7. Boston – the Fenway Alliance presents Opening Our Doors – Boston’s largest free day of arts, cultural and educational events. Check out everything the Fenway Cultural District has to offer. For more to do in Boston, go to
  8. And last but never least in my agenda book: Nothing, do absolutely nothing. Just enjoy a lazy day at home and re-charge for whatever comes next in your life.

Number eight is sounding pretty good right about now! What fun things are you up to this Columbus Day?

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7 years ago

You forgot “leaf peeping”! I drove my daughter back to college. Lots of “peepers” out there based on all the traffic!

7 years ago

I wasn’t too upset working today, until I read your great list of things to do!!! If I had the day off, I’d love to go to Newburyport.