Elizabeth Pogor: Artist and Owner of Silver Tie Servers

Art, "Oh My Head" by Betty Pogor artist and owner of Silver Tie Servers
“Oh My Head” by Elizabeth Pogor

I love when I learn something new about someone I’ve known for years. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Elizabeth (Betty to some) through her business, Silver Tie Servers. Her service offers hosts and hostesses, in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, the luxury of enjoying their event while she and the Silver Tie Servers crew take care of everything from passing hors d’oeuvres to post-party clean-up.

Only recently did I learn that Elizabeth not only serves with a smile, but she is also a talented artist. She is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has been painting for 15 years. Check out her website, PogorFineArt.com, to see how her colorful canvases reflect her vibrant personality and be sure not to miss her pet page!

Q & A


I had the opportunity to ask Elizabeth about her business and passion and here’s what she had say:

Q. You studied art, but started a business in the event services industry. What inspired you to launch Silver Tie Servers?

A. I’ve always been an artist, even as a small child, that will never change. I’ve also hosted all sorts of events, from birthday parties to elaborate weddings and showers. A few years ago, I occasionally worked for another party hosting company and knew I could run my own service, only better.

Q. How did you discover your passion for painting and art?

A. My father was a professional artist. He was a commercial artist and a painter, very well known on the North Shore and throughout New England. I grew up with a brush in my hand.

Q. Your artwork is vibrant and colorful, just like you. What inspires your creations?

A. Oh my! I love color and I love drama. When I put the two together my paintings create themselves.

Q. You work exclusively with oil paints, why?

A. There is nothing like oils (in my opinion). Other mediums work for many artists, but there is a sensuality to oil paint, like warm butter. They can be manipulated for a period of time, unlike acrylics and watercolor. Once you use oils you fall in love, it’s hard to switch.

Q. When you’re not donning your signature silver tie, how much time do you spend painting/creating?

A. Lately, a lot! I’ve been preparing for a one woman show in August and I probably paint 15-20 hours a week. I’d paint more but there’s the family and animals to tend to… lots going on here.

Q. What would you love readers to know about your art and where can they find it?

A. Every work contains a part of me. When you see one, you will see things I never see – shapes and scenarios that come out on canvas that were once in my mind. My work is subjective. I’ve seen couples argue over their interpretation of my painting, which I find so interesting. People should know that an original piece of any art is not always out of reach and can add so much character to a home or office. I do commissions on a regular basis. You can see some of my work at Good Day Café in North Andover and visit my website (soon to be updated and greatly improved) at PogorFineArt.com. I invite folks into my studio in North Andover for private and semi-private lessons all year long. 

Thank you Betty, for sharing your story and creativity. I look forward to your show.

Art, "Hot Flash" by Betty Pogor artist and owner of Silver Tie Servers
“Hot Flash” by Elizabeth Pogor

Pogor Fine Art on Display

Elizabeth’s art will be on display at Colo Colo Gallery in New Bedford, MA. from August 28- September 17th. Join her on September 9th for her show’s opening event – wine and refreshments will be served.

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4 years ago
4 years ago

The work is passionate. Love the color and drama in the paintings.

4 years ago

Would love to see more of her work, it’s so colorful and full of life.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ginny

Hi Ginny, please feel free to contact me and come by the studio anytime! Elizabethpogor@gmail.com is my email address