I’m Obsessed with Gilmore Girls


I set out to do a bunch of things over February break, but it turns out the thing I did the most was binge watch Gilmore Girls.

Back in the day, 2000-2007, I was not much of a Gilmore Girls fan. It leaned a little goodie-goodie for my taste. And back then, I was in the throes of raising two little girls of my own so somehow this beloved, mother/daughter drama slipped by me.

Until November 2016 when a four-episode revival on Netflix debuted. Suddenly, being a Gilmore Girls fan was a thing all over again. My interest was piqued.

Gilmore Girls – The Original

Back in December, my girls and I made it our mission to watch all seven seasons. This took longer than expected as each season contained 22, hour-long episodes. Do they even make shows with that many episodes in a season anymore?

Anyway, we’re finally through it and I can officially say, I’m now a Gilmore Girls fan. Not just because I discovered that Milo Ventimiglia, my new favorite actor from the best show on television, This Is Us, played a pivotal role in the series (boy, does he look different now). But because it was hysterical to go back in time. Honestly, when I think about the early 2000s, it doesn’t seem like that long ago, but this show was so dated. Flip phones, bad fashion and every antiquated notion of small town living you could imagine – all of it had me hooked.

I also liked the show’s mom/daughter premise for obvious reasons. While I did my best to pay attention to the quirky plot, I found myself spending more time fixating on weird and random things. For example, the main character, Rory’s, never aging voice. She sounded like she was twelve for the entire seven seasons. Other things like actors sipping on empty coffee cups and objects moving from one scene to the next were fun to catch. Production was not at its finest in this series.

Regardless, it was fun to get caught up on this popular series and I loved that funny girl, Melissa McCarthy, played a major role and was more sweet than silly. I love seeing where major celebs got their start.

Gilmore Girls – The Revival

Up next, the revival and I can’t wait.  I just need to pin down a chunk of time to blast through four episodes.

Were you a Gilmore Girls Fan?

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6 years ago

Never watched the series, but I’m going to give it a try…when I can fit it into my already jammed tv schedule!

6 years ago
Reply to  kiki

KiKi – what were you and I doing that we missed it in its heyday?

6 years ago

I was a GG fan long before it became the thing to watch, unfortunately I never got to see the revival, but look forward to catching it soon.