Skin Care Solutions with Guest Blogger Kristen Pascucci

Kristen Pascucci
Kristen Pascucci

I’m so thrilled to introduce my first guest blogger here at 3 Olives & a Twist. I know Kristen Pascucci as a beautiful mom, wife, friend, TV host and, most recently, a successful representative for the popular skin care line, Rodan + Fields. What better time than now, summer, to hear her wisdom for skin care solutions. But don’t forget- good skincare happens year-round. Without further ado, I give you Kristen Pascucci.


Guest Blog

My grandmother turns 95 in August. She still lives by herself, and has a fashion sense and confidence level of those ¼ her age.

She cares about how she looks. She wears eye-catching clothes and has her hair done once a week. She is vibrant, radiant and beautiful. She never made the sun her friend, but she loves an ice cold Coke and anything made with butter- a life in balance.


Kristen Pascucci and Grandma Peggy
Kristen and Grandma Peggy


I am thankful for her gene-pool, but what I’ve learned in recent months is; how I age is up to me. I can only thank her for a small percentage of how I will look at her age. 80% is due to how I live my life. No one to blame for my crow’s feet? Come on! I don’t like having to take responsibility for the laugh lines that are making an unwanted appearance on my face!

Melasma was another enemy I had voluntarily brought into my life after years of unprotected sun exposure when I was a teen. The dark marks were a reminder of the days I spent covered in baby oil, looking for that “good base.”

The fact is, we damage our skin each and every time we go outside without a broad spectrum SPF. The sun’s damaging rays can find their way through clouds, so don’t let a damp, overcast day fool you. Start with the smartest of skin care solutions and lather up.

Not all sun blocks are made the same. Check the ingredient labels to make sure that what you are using protects against UVA and UVB rays, and remember to reapply. A generous coat in the morning, will not last you all day long.

Lastly, protect your children’s flawless skin. No one is born with freckles. Freckles are a sign of sun damage and a message to lather up and seek shade. Those cute little freckles can lead to a more serious skin concern in the future.

Kristin’s Recommended Skin Care Solutions

My picks for broad spectrum SPF:

  • Rodan + Fields Essentials SPF 30
  • Rodan + Fields Soothe SPF 30
  • Rodan + Fields Reverse SPF 50
  • Rodan + Fields Essentials Lip Shield SPF 20


Rodan & Fields skin care solutions with SPF
Rodan + Fields Products for optimal sun protection.


My goal is to be vibrant, radiant and beautiful at 95, just like my Grandma Peggy.

I know that finding the best skin care solutions and protecting my skin now, will help me get there. So, if you’re looking for me this summer, I’m the one in the hat and sun shirt, sipping an ice cold Coke under an umbrella. Join me. Your future self will thank you.

Kristen Pascucci is an independent consultant with Rodan + Fields. Search her website for SPF at and contact her via email at
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Bonnie Sparrow
6 years ago

Kristen, you are so lucky to have your grandmother. Talk about gorgeous at 95! Thanks for the great tips on sun safety! I was one of those kids raised without sunscreen playing outdoors all day and then I hit the rooftops to tan with baby oil and iodine. Oh, if I could have told my younger self what I know now!

Jen K
7 years ago

Kristen great blog! Your grandmother is adorable! Lucky you to have such a great role model.

Victoria Elbrecht
7 years ago

Kristen, you are so beautiful inside and out and have your grandmothers amazing DNA for sure. Congratulations on all your success in Rodan + Fields. You continue to inspire others to look their best and pay it forward!

Diane Wilmot
7 years ago

Kristen you have been a loyal Rodan+Fields product user for over 5 years and it shows!! You absolutely glow!!! Sharing this with others is offering them the gift of great skin too!!!

7 years ago

Your grandmother looks beautiful! I’m known in my family as the “shade seeker”. I when the sun is out, but I avoid it at all costs. Looking forward to learning more about Rodan and Fields!