My New Computer – Blessing or Curse?

MacBook Air, notepad, candle and cocoa

I see a lot of photos like this on Instagram. Pretty, right?  I love the idea of making something functional beautiful. But looking at that pic right now, I just want to scream – and laugh because whose work space ever looks like that?

For the purpose of this post, I actually photographed my girls’ MacBook Air because it’s sleeker and better looking than my clunky Dell laptop.  Yeah, I’m still a PC user.  I just can’t seem to get myself to transition to a Mac even though EVERYONE I’ve ever spoken to says it’s the only way to go. I’m stuck! Stuck in a business world mindset that still prefers a PC.

Although my business days are long gone, I find adjusting to a Mac to be too much trouble.

Honestly, after last week, I’d go back to pen and paper and toss all technology to the curb if I could.

My New Computer

Here’s what happened – I had the good fortune of getting a new laptop -still a PC, still a Dell – nothing fancy. Just new and a lot lighter than my old one, which was actually hard for me to pick up with one hand. Saying that out loud actually sounds ridiculous.

This should’ve been a good thing, but oh how it wasn’t. The trouble wasn’t with my new computer itself, it was the transferring all of my “stuff” from old to new that presented the problem. I didn’t dare attempt this on my own; I sought the help of an expert – three to be exact.

It’s worth mentioning that my computer usage is by no means complicated. I use Word, Outlook, Excel and the Internet. That’s pretty much it. My goal was simple: replicate my original setup on my new computer.

Three technicians and ten days later, I’m still using my old computer.

Much like winter snowflakes, no two computers are alike. What I assumed to be a simple task was apparently far more complex than I could ever imagine.

Tech Guys

My only request to each of the three technicians I commissioned was this; make my new computer look exactly like the old one. First and foremost – email and calendar. A simple .pst file I was told -no problem!

The first guy returned my computer saying everything was all set with one caveat, Outlook failed to load so no emails or calendar appointments. Um, wasn’t that the one thing I said was most important? OK, I said – what do I do now? He informed me he was closing his shop the next day – I mean going out of business. What? Was this dude serious? Not only was he serious, I’m pretty sure he was stoned. I took my computers and ran; happy I still had them both intact.

Guy number two was a friend of a friend who worked with me remotely. He was really just doing a favor to help me understand what went wrong with the guy number one (I think we all know what went wrong with number one). Guy two helped me get Outlook reactivated, but none of my old stuff was recovered. He suggested I get in touch with someone locally who could take a closer look at both systems.

OK, next! My third guy was actually great, but by this time I was so frazzled I started to unravel. Clearly, whatever I had going on with my email was not a simple fix.  After several, nearly successful, attempts to get it right, I abandoned the mission. I had reached a point where I felt like I was throwing money out the window and I just couldn’t handle the anxiety of it all.

Now What?

As I type, my new computer sits to my left – closed, quiet and untouched for the last 48 hours. It’s taunting me and I don’t want to look at it much less deal with it. It scares me to think that in order to use it I will have to start over from scratch.

The blessing and the curse of my scenario is that my old computer is still functioning. A blessing because all my files, emails and appointments are still accessible; a curse because it’s the crutch I keep falling back on while I avoid the inevitable.

Eventually, I will transition to my new computer. It may require some manual entry of calendar items and there may be some emails lost along the way, but the reality is that my old, heavy laptop is on its way out. It’s crashing more and more often, its little engine revs so loudly I can barely hear my phone ring and an upgrade is long overdue. I can’t remember exactly how long I’ve had my good old laptop. That alone suggests it’s much too old.

I’m sure 2017 will welcome many new and exciting things and love it or hate it; one will be a new computer. Fingers crossed I end up loving it.

Do you have a computer nightmare/technology-gone-wrong story to share?

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Jennifer Killilea
7 years ago

Beth if you dare, bring the old laptop into an Apple store, buy their MacBook Pro and they will transfer everything for you. It’s what sealed the deal for me. You won’t be disappointed. Mac’s don’t require anti-virus software either, at least I don’t buy it or need it, not sure why. Hopefully, you can return the Dell. Anytime you have any questions, call 1-800-Apple or make an appointment at the genius bar. Their service is second to none. I still call on questions for my 6-year-old Mac desk top, no charge!

sandra monroe
7 years ago

I know now why old people are so grouchy…please, for the love of God, don’t update me. I feel strongly that all my technology issues could be solved by Ms Smith’s 1st grade class…at least the girls;)

Beth Hodgkinson
7 years ago

Beth, you have to call me. My work number is 978-649-7189. I know EXACTLY what you’re dealing with but after 15 years of self employment I finally have both the resource and infrastructure that works. For starters, my IT guy is a god send. It now takes us under three hours to set up a new lap top. And, he’ll access your lap top remotely. Honestly, call me. We’ll get this taken care of. I also use a Dell. Bought it last summer.

Beth Hodgkinson
7 years ago

And, I always used outlook and know all about backing up and copying over pst files from one laptop to another thanks to my stellar IT guy. Your calendar will come with it. My guy does this for a living so he’s very dependable and almost too affordable given all the value he provides! I also made some some infrastructure changes to reduce my dependence, and therefore anxiety, on my primary laptop. Happy to tell you about it –

7 years ago

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! It’s always nice to know I’m not alone! Indeed the struggle is real when it comes to technology. After a couple of phones calls in response to this post, I am actually much closer to taking the leap to a Mac. Beth, I will be in touch for sure. I need a dedicated IT guy!

7 years ago

Oh Beth, I feel your pain. Jim bought me a new Mac Pro two Christmas’s ago. After not touching it more than once or twice in two years we gave it to my son last Sept. for his birthday. It was the most expensive gift he ever received but I couldn’t take the guilt of looking at that Mac untouched any longer.

7 years ago

Beth, I have had good luck with Staples. The computer situation was not the same but The Microsoft updates have not lost my info when my HP had any issue and they had to switch programs.
I don’t know anything about Macs; but they sell all kinds of computers. Maybe if you go in after Christmas and just ask technician if they can do it for you?
Again others may not have had same experience with Staples that I had. C

7 years ago

Our computers have become like an old car: we know all it’s glitches and have learned how to work around them, but eventually they become more tedious to maintain than replace. I’m sure you will master your new computer in time and learn to love it.