Boston Design Center – What a Place!

The above tub and tile backwall was the first thing I saw…tub envy!

I love visiting places I’ve never been and if it’s a place I’m technically not allowed to go, I’m even more intrigued. For years, I’ve wanted to check out the Boston Design Center, a trade-only design resource with some of the finest products in home décor. Unfortunately, I’m not an interior designer and haven’t had the opportunity to work with one until recently. Linda Holt of Linda Holt Interiors is not only a brilliant interior designer, but she and I work closely to produce Merrimack Valley Home magazine. It’s been a pleasure getting to know her through this and the more I’ve gotten to know her style, the more I knew she’d be the best person to help me take my sunroom from drab to fab. Finally, I had a reason and a connection to get into the Boston Design Center.


colors and swatches for sunroom
colors and swatches for my sunroom


Linda and I took a trip in yesterday and visited several designer showrooms. I found each one to be more captivating than the next. I just love looking at fabrics, furnishings, lighting, accessories, window hardware and more. You name it – if it’s home related, I’m into it. What I loved most about the Boston Design Center showrooms was that everything was custom and unique.


Boston Design Center mirror display
mirrors, mirrors on the wall


You would not find the items here at typical furniture or home stores and I like that. Of course, many things were not in my price range, but Linda directed me to those places she knew would suit my look and fit within my budget.


trim, trim and more trim
trim, trim and more trim


I was giddy walking from floor to floor, like a kid in a candy shop. This place was like an amusement park for home enthusiasts, like me. With a total of seven floors and over 60 showrooms, I could’ve easily spent the day here. However, we chose our designer destinations selectively and made efficient use of our time. I did my best to follow Linda, but more than a few times she found me lagging behind taking photos of one exceptional thing after another.


Boston Design Center view from above
a view from above


Now, if you’re not an interior designer and don’t plan to work with one any time soon, don’t worry- you’ll still have a chance to experience the Boston Design Center. They periodically have open days –their next is April 2nd for their annual sample sale and they’ve recently added a public area called Market Stalls. They took the west wing of their second floor and turned it into a cool, boutique-style market. This eclectic mix of home items may have captured my attention more than any other level. There was a casual and comfortable vibe to the Market Stalls that made it very appealing. Knowing that I could go back on my own also helped.


Boston Design Center market stall
just one of the many Market Stalls


If ever you have the chance or desire to pop into the Boston Design Center, I hope you have as enjoyable a design moment as I did.

Thank you Linda!

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A Lifestyle Blog: Join the Conversation!

Here we go – my first lifestyle blog post! My name is Beth Daigle – I’m an editor, writer, columnist and, now, blogger.  I always find that my most interesting conversations happen over cocktails. With a drink in hand, I’m usually engrossed in chitchat about everything from new restaurants and television shows to cool apps and shared interests. I’m never at a loss for words and there is never a better time to truly talk as when you are relaxed and uninterrupted by everyday distractions. This lifestyle blog is intended to continue those kinds of cocktail conversations with you and provide you with some conversation starters of your own.

In the feature photo, my good friend, Karyn and I break banter for a quick photo opp at Sur Restaurant & Lounge in happening West Hollywood, CA (think Bravo TV, Vanderpump Rules – yes, I watch that). That night we had more laughs and talked to more random people than I can ever recall.  The more fun we had in Los Angeles the more I realized, we’re definitely not in North Andover anymore. Our trip was exciting and a refreshing break from suburban life, but more about that night in a future post. As we sat at Sur and sipped on my signature drink, a crisp martini with 3 olives and a twist of lemon, I imagined coming home to share all of our funny stories.

3 Olives & a Twist will bring you fun experiences, like the ones we had in LA, as well as useful tips, food for thought and local conversation topics from North Andover, MA to Boston and beyond. Most importantly, I hope we’ll enjoy a few laughs together along the way.

I have a confession to make – before I began this lifestyle blog I had never read a blog before. When I asked around, I was surprised that not many in my circle of friends were followers either. So whether you’re already a blog reader or just getting started, like me, I’m happy to be in this conversation with you.

Enjoy and while you’re at it, take a look at a few other great blogs by bloggers who graciously helped me get this started. Linda Holt’s design blog at Linda Holt Interiors keeps readers up to date on the latest in interior design and design trends (soon I’ll share my sunroom transformation courtesy of Linda), Susan Kanoff discusses the epitome of style at her fashion blog The Midlife Fashionista and Emily O’Brien talks all things photography in her blog at Emily O’Brien Photography.

Join me as I jump on this blogwagon. Check back Friday when I report on my first visit to the Boston Design Center.


I’d like to thank Amy O’Brien of Amy O’Brien Design – Web Design & Development for creating my lifestyle blog logo and new website,

For more conversation starters, read my column in Merrimack Valley Magazine called Matters of Life & Beth.

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