Spring Makeup and Beauty Tips – Guest Post by Grace Marie Moschetto


Grace Marie Moschetto
Grace Marie Moschetto


I am thrilled to introduce you to Grace Marie Moschetto, Stylist and Owner of GraceMarie Beauty. Grace is guest blogging today with some fabulous spring makeup and beauty tips.  Enjoy!


By Grace Marie Moschetto

Each year as March and April emerge something exciting happens. Mother Nature opens her closet to bring her spring wardrobe into sight. She admires her varietal color palette made up of pastels, neutrals and glimmers of vibrant hues. She creates an amazement of textures as she hands winter to spring. “New” is always spring’s theme.

Along with spring’s newness comes a balanced, reliable consistency known as “classic.”

The fashion, salon/beauty, and event industries may view spring as their greatest ally in promoting their wares.

When it comes to fashion, hair, nails, and makeup, as sure as spring has sprung, presentations of the classics will be made. And they will be dressed up with little twists of time known as “trends.”

The fashion industry will always rely on Mother Nature’s closet as its primary source of inspiration. This spring is no exception. Have you noticed the use of animal prints, denim, floral patterns, stripes, and a worldly stamp of a global hot spot?

Photo by Adrien Bisson
Photo by Adrien Bisson


It’s a brilliant formula to blend with spring pastels and vibrant “teaser” summer colors. Add in light, airy, bouncy, blousy, and breezy clothing and you have the perfect “mood package” known as a spring wardrobe.

With the abundant clothing delights available to you, hair, nail, and spring makeup looks to match are yours for the choosing! Every day is a day to play.


The ponytail is THE hair style that will go with everything! Yes, everything. From the super casual to the fanciest of fancy, from teased and edgy to straight and smooth to curly. In the alphabet of hair language, the ponytail is the letter “A.”

Photo by Adrien Bisson
Photo by Adrien Bisson


Like the pony tail, flawless skin and red lips will always be in style. With the infinite shades of color and pigment dimension technology available today, any skin tone and skin type can be accommodated. The skeptical and frightened no longer need be afraid of red lip color!

Photo by Gaby Benoit
Photo by Gaby Benoit


Hands down, lightly colored, pastels, or “French” mani/pedi’d fingers and toes are the classic of the classic of nails.

With closets, hearts and minds wide open, this season is yours. How will you be “springing on your classic?”

Thank you Grace for these great spring makeup and beauty tips! I am so happy that my perpetual ponytail is on trend and red lips, here I come.


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7 years ago

I’ve always been afraid of color on my lips as they are so thin. I’ll give it a try.