Bold Interior Design Tips from Miles Redd



Flipping through home magazines has been a pleasant pastime for me ever since becoming a homeowner. I love every aspect of transforming a space into some version of myself. Since becoming editor of Merrimack Valley Home Magazine, my passion for home decor and design has both escalated and been elevated. Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Boston Design Center for the second time. On this occasion I was invited to a presentation as part of Boston Design Week. This 12-day, citywide festival is intended to increase awareness and appreciation for all aspects of design including architecture, photography, landscape design, interior design, graphic design and more.

An Eclectic Approach to Interior Design

I was lucky enough to score a seat in the Miles Redd presentation called “The Art of the Approach.” Redd is an A-list interior designer whose work has been featured in all of the top home publications. His eclectic style is described as a “quirky brand of cozy glamour.” Quirky-cozy-glamour… I knew I would like this guy.

The moment Redd took the mic, he engaged the audience with real talk. This former Creative Director for Oscar de la Renta Home left any pretension at the door, and proceeded to take us through a captivating series of slides. He was easygoing and entertaining.

The slides shown would alternate between inspiration photographs and photos of rooms where the inspiration was applied. It was incredibly cool to see unassuming elements from an old photograph translated into room colors, fabric textures and design details that you might never expect to see together. “Inspiration comes in many forms,” said Redd. This was evident in his clever combinations – one of which was a red velvet banquette together with pink-shaded lamps. To my surprise, it worked in a dramatic display of bold color.

Redd said that he was all about pastiche – artistic work that imitates that of another work or artist – and explained that, “the subconscious picks up what it picks up.”

Interior Design Tips

Other useful points from Redd’s presentation include:

  • “You need one good thing in a room to bring everything up.”
  • “If you’re a modernist, you need one traditional thing and if you’re a traditionalist, you need one modern thing.”
  • “All space is relevant; it’s how you treat it.”

But of all the great interior design tips I picked up from Redd; one piece of advice stood out. He told a young designer who questioned his depth of experience that, no matter what, he had to believe in what he knew. If he doubted himself, his clients would sense that and doubt him as well.

I always love a good confidence message.

Visit to learn more and if Redd’s style speaks to you, consider his coffee table book, “The Big Book of Chic.” The photos of home decor are to die for.

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Hurricane Vase Fillers: Fun Seasonal Decor

Decorative Hurricane vase fillers
Top view- jelly beans – one of many great vase fillers

American Easter is a week away!  I say American because I’m a Greek girl. I celebrate Greek Easter which isn’t until May 1st this year. By that time, the Easter buzz will have come and gone. While I don’t go all out decorating for Easter, I always like to bring some seasonal décor to my home. My girls appreciate the holiday spirit that comes from a basket of colorful eggs and some pretty pastel placemats. My favorite thing to do at Easter, or any other holiday or change of season for that matter, is so simple and always a huge hit. They are cheap and easy vase fillers for the two hurricane candle holders that sit prominently on my kitchen island.

Years ago I bought two extra-large glass candle holders at Home Goods.  They had to have been less than $20 each. At Easter, I pop a pillar candle in the center of each hurricane and fill it with jelly beans. Done! Everyone who walks into my kitchen comments on these simple, yet eye-catching, holiday decorations.

Jellybean vase fillers
Jellybean Hurricane

I have also filled the hurricanes with candy hearts in February, Lucky Charms cereal in March, candy corn in October (most popular), shelled nuts in fall, wine corks in winter, terrariums made with coffee grounds and faux succulents in spring and faux lemons and limes in summer.

It’s a quick, inexpensive and fun way to add a little variety to my home décor. Give it a try, but know this: if you fill your hurricanes with candy, guests will go elbow deep into a burning candle to satisfy their sweet tooth – no matter how many times you tell them it’s just a decoration.

Search Pinterest for more fun and seasonal decorating ideas.

Enjoy! Happy Easter and happy spring!

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Boston Design Center – What a Place!

The above tub and tile backwall was the first thing I saw…tub envy!

I love visiting places I’ve never been and if it’s a place I’m technically not allowed to go, I’m even more intrigued. For years, I’ve wanted to check out the Boston Design Center, a trade-only design resource with some of the finest products in home décor. Unfortunately, I’m not an interior designer and haven’t had the opportunity to work with one until recently. Linda Holt of Linda Holt Interiors is not only a brilliant interior designer, but she and I work closely to produce Merrimack Valley Home magazine. It’s been a pleasure getting to know her through this and the more I’ve gotten to know her style, the more I knew she’d be the best person to help me take my sunroom from drab to fab. Finally, I had a reason and a connection to get into the Boston Design Center.


colors and swatches for sunroom
colors and swatches for my sunroom


Linda and I took a trip in yesterday and visited several designer showrooms. I found each one to be more captivating than the next. I just love looking at fabrics, furnishings, lighting, accessories, window hardware and more. You name it – if it’s home related, I’m into it. What I loved most about the Boston Design Center showrooms was that everything was custom and unique.


Boston Design Center mirror display
mirrors, mirrors on the wall


You would not find the items here at typical furniture or home stores and I like that. Of course, many things were not in my price range, but Linda directed me to those places she knew would suit my look and fit within my budget.


trim, trim and more trim
trim, trim and more trim


I was giddy walking from floor to floor, like a kid in a candy shop. This place was like an amusement park for home enthusiasts, like me. With a total of seven floors and over 60 showrooms, I could’ve easily spent the day here. However, we chose our designer destinations selectively and made efficient use of our time. I did my best to follow Linda, but more than a few times she found me lagging behind taking photos of one exceptional thing after another.


Boston Design Center view from above
a view from above


Now, if you’re not an interior designer and don’t plan to work with one any time soon, don’t worry- you’ll still have a chance to experience the Boston Design Center. They periodically have open days –their next is April 2nd for their annual sample sale and they’ve recently added a public area called Market Stalls. They took the west wing of their second floor and turned it into a cool, boutique-style market. This eclectic mix of home items may have captured my attention more than any other level. There was a casual and comfortable vibe to the Market Stalls that made it very appealing. Knowing that I could go back on my own also helped.


Boston Design Center market stall
just one of the many Market Stalls


If ever you have the chance or desire to pop into the Boston Design Center, I hope you have as enjoyable a design moment as I did.

Thank you Linda!

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