Techno-Dummy: Working Through Technology Issues

 Technology issues drive me and this lady mad!

Is this you? Well, it certainly could be me. The more time I spend on my computer or phone, the more I realize I have no idea what I’m doing. Technology issues make me want to tear my hair out. In fact, they kind of scare me. Not in a security or privacy kind of way, but in the way that I fear I’m so clueless about what I’m doing, I’m either going to blow up my entire system or I’m going to send out posts or messages that make absolutely no sense.

Whether I’m working on an outrageously slow Google doc or my phone is making mysterious, unintended phone calls, I’m never quite sure if my technology issues are because of me or just technology gone wild.

If you’ve signed up to receive email notifications for my blog, you know I’ve been having trouble working through the kinks of my email plugin. Let me first say thank you for signing up and, most importantly, for your patience.

I slightly panicked over the issues until I realized that I’m far from alone when it comes to experiencing technology issues. This weekend, Saturday Night Live spoofed an extremely awkward moment from the 2016 Grammy’s when rapper, Bow Wow, attempted and failed to kick off the show with about a minute and a half to go. A minute never felt so long! His feeble efforts to fill time were so uncomfortable, yet hilarious, and SNL made it even funnier picking on the Kid’s Choice Awards. In that moment I realized problems are going to happen no matter who you are or what you’re doing. Your best bet is to relax (good advice from my sister), handle them with grace and laughter and everything is sure to work out. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but since I’m new to the blogosphere, I must practice what I preach.

My fingers are crossed that email notifications for this post will go out perfectly. If they don’t, let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll take a deep breath and keep smiling.

Have a laugh at both videos here:
SNL Kids Choice Award Skit
Bow Wow’s Grammy Fail


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A Lifestyle Blog: Join the Conversation!

Here we go – my first lifestyle blog post! My name is Beth Daigle – I’m an editor, writer, columnist and, now, blogger.  I always find that my most interesting conversations happen over cocktails. With a drink in hand, I’m usually engrossed in chitchat about everything from new restaurants and television shows to cool apps and shared interests. I’m never at a loss for words and there is never a better time to truly talk as when you are relaxed and uninterrupted by everyday distractions. This lifestyle blog is intended to continue those kinds of cocktail conversations with you and provide you with some conversation starters of your own.

In the feature photo, my good friend, Karyn and I break banter for a quick photo opp at Sur Restaurant & Lounge in happening West Hollywood, CA (think Bravo TV, Vanderpump Rules – yes, I watch that). That night we had more laughs and talked to more random people than I can ever recall.  The more fun we had in Los Angeles the more I realized, we’re definitely not in North Andover anymore. Our trip was exciting and a refreshing break from suburban life, but more about that night in a future post. As we sat at Sur and sipped on my signature drink, a crisp martini with 3 olives and a twist of lemon, I imagined coming home to share all of our funny stories.

3 Olives & a Twist will bring you fun experiences, like the ones we had in LA, as well as useful tips, food for thought and local conversation topics from North Andover, MA to Boston and beyond. Most importantly, I hope we’ll enjoy a few laughs together along the way.

I have a confession to make – before I began this lifestyle blog I had never read a blog before. When I asked around, I was surprised that not many in my circle of friends were followers either. So whether you’re already a blog reader or just getting started, like me, I’m happy to be in this conversation with you.

Enjoy and while you’re at it, take a look at a few other great blogs by bloggers who graciously helped me get this started. Linda Holt’s design blog at Linda Holt Interiors keeps readers up to date on the latest in interior design and design trends (soon I’ll share my sunroom transformation courtesy of Linda), Susan Kanoff discusses the epitome of style at her fashion blog The Midlife Fashionista and Emily O’Brien talks all things photography in her blog at Emily O’Brien Photography.

Join me as I jump on this blogwagon. Check back Friday when I report on my first visit to the Boston Design Center.


I’d like to thank Amy O’Brien of Amy O’Brien Design – Web Design & Development for creating my lifestyle blog logo and new website,

For more conversation starters, read my column in Merrimack Valley Magazine called Matters of Life & Beth.

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