Guided Meditation and AMP with Daring Spirits

Guided Meditation wiht Daring Spirits
Barbara Holbrook, Me! Beth Daigle, Alicia Joy Stiles and Elizabeth Guilbeault


What is Guided Meditation?

It is a process by which one or more participants meditate in response to the guidance of a trained practitioner or teacher, either in person or via written text, sound recording, video, or audiovisual media comprising music or verbal instruction, or a combination of both.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Active Meditation Practice; a program offered by Daring Spirits. It includes eight recordings of guided meditation that will transform what’s happening in the here and now. Unlike “traditional” meditation that teaches you to get out of your head and transcend your body. Active meditation empowers you to be here, now. This powerful practice changes how you experience things by teaching you the skills to integrate spirit into your mind and body.

Meditation and Me

I’ve considered incorporating meditation into my life for some time, but only recently got around to it when I connected with the founders of Daring Spirits, Elizabeth Guilbeault and Barbara Holbrook. I first met Barbara and Elizabeth after they discovered my blog and asked me to be a Daring Spirit of the Week. I was flattered and really liked what they were doing with Daring Spirits. I then asked them to guest blog at 3 Olives & a Twist.

The more we spoke, the more I felt Elizabeth and Barbara were very tuned in to me, as a person, and my impassioned goals for 3 Olives & a Twist. During one conversation, they were so on point with their assessment of my relationships and life direction –  I got chills. In addition to providing guided meditation, Elizabeth and Barbara are energy workers – they are clairvoyant and mediums. They, along with other members of their team, offer readings (card, energy, past lives) and healing sessions.

The Event

The more we spoke, the more I wanted to share what the Daring Spirits were doing. We collaborated on a pilot, 3 Olives & a Twist blog event which was successfully held last week.

3 Olives and a Twist with Daring Spirits event
Guests enjoy 3 Olives & a Twist martinis, apps (2 to be featured in future posts) and WCCM Radio Valley Girl, Lysa Pelletier, chats with the women of Daring Spirits.


Together, with a group of about 25 women, Barbara and Elizabeth educated us on AMP, the value of meditation and how to fully engage in our own lives. Many guests also enjoyed a card reading with Daring Spirit, Alicia Joy Stiles.


Spray to assist guided meditation
Party Favors – Daring Spirit Scented Spray (Young Living’s peppermint, lavender and orange) and 3 Olives & a Twist Party Picks


My Journey with AMP

I have since purchased AMP and am truly enjoying the experience. The first guided meditation of the eight that I tried was called “Calling Back Your Energy.” This couldn’t have been more suited to me.  At about 4:00pm every day, I feel so drained I could fall asleep on the spot.  Not a good thing since I’m likely driving a teenager somewhere at this time of day. I have to admit, the brief eight minute, “Calling back your Energy” meditation has given me just the boost I need to get through my day. I don’t know if it’s simply stopping for eight minutes to focus on myself or if it’s the energizing visual of a golden sun that the guided meditation suggests you channel, but I can attest that I feel better having done it.

Here’s what I really like about AMP- The meditations are short, ranging from six to fifteen minutes. You can do them anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to be in yoga clothes, sitting on a mat in a quiet room surrounded by candles. You can meditate while sitting outside school waiting to pick up a child or while sipping your morning coffee or while sitting in front of your computer. Active meditation can and should be a part of your normal day.

I also love that AMP is guided meditation. I have downloaded the eight recorded files right to my phone (I used a simple, free App called Zip Viewer) and now I can listen to them wherever, whenever and I don’t have to remember what it is I’m supposed to do. I just hit play on my meditation of choice and let the gentle voice of Daring Spirits lead my way.

It is a wonderful way to gain clarity, focus, energy, a sense of calm and purpose. I believe that our brains are like an underutilized muscle. Many of us spend a lot of time training the muscles of our body to be stronger and leaner, so why not train our brains to achieve what we are looking for in life?

If you agree and are interested in AMP – you can purchase it here.

If you are interested in collaborating on a blog post and event, contact me via email –


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Back-to-School Meditation Techniques with Daring Spirits

Daring Spirits logo


Daring Spirits – Guided Meditation and More

When Barbara Holbrook and Elizabeth Guilbeault of Daring Spirits reached out to me to be their Daring Spirit of the Week, I was flattered. When I looked into what Daring Spirits was all about, I was intrigued. When I read their slogan, “This is your life: Dare to go all in,” I was sold.

Daring Spirits is team of women dedicated to helping clients become fully present in their lives. Life today is busy, sometimes frantic. Too often we lose out on the full experience. The team at Daring Spirits takes a holistic, full-body/full-being approach to achieve focus and clarity. Through guided meditation, they help you engage your mind, nurture your body, integrate your spirit and bring mindfulness to work.

And grown-ups, these tools aren’t just for you. Our busy, stressed kids can benefit from guided meditation too. Check out these meditation techniques to help the back-to-school experience be a positive one: for parents and students alike.

I am pleased to introduce my second guest blog here at 3 Olives & a Twist – welcome the wisdom of Daring Spirits’, Barbara Holbrook and Elizabeth Guilbeault:

Barbara Holbrook, co-creator of AMP, on meditation techniques
Barbara Holbrook: Co-Creator and Energy Worker
Elizabeth Guilbeault co-creator of AMP, on meditation techniques
Elizabeth Guilbeault: Co-Creator and Energy Worker









Meditation Techniques to Help Your Kids Stay Relaxed and Focused

The kids are heading back into the halls of academia soon and we parents are checking off the back-to-school list:

  • pencils
  • folders
  • new sneakers
  • grounding cord
  • roses
  • gold sun

Wait, what’s a grounding cord? Do they carry that at the office supply store? Roses? What are those for? Gold sun? Will that even fit in their locker??

Rest easy, you and your kids already have these essentials. All you have to do is put them to work for you, and they’ll make school – and life – a little gentler for everyone.

Grounding cords, roses, and gold sun are all visualization tools for meditation to use anytime, anywhere to diffuse tension and ease stress.

Grounding Cords: Get Present

A grounding cord is simply a way to connect to the earth and help us be fully present. It’s great for those times when our energy feels scattered – getting everyone out the door in the morning or driving car pool are great times to use a grounding cord! Here’s how:

Visualize a line of color, a tree trunk, a string of twinkle lights, a tail – it can be anything, the more light-hearted; the better! Imagine the line extends from the base of your spine or your hips down through the ground to the center of the earth. If you don’t know exactly where the center of the earth is, or what it looks like, don’t fret! The intention is enough to make it work for you. Notice how it helps you feel more connected to the activity at hand, how your attention is more focused and you feel more rooted in the present moment.

Roses: Destress and Diffuse Tension

Roses can be employed to diffuse tension, and they’re a fabulous way to help us detach from things that we might not want to carry with us. Think about the stress kids bring home from school (or adults bring home from the office!) “Blowing roses” gives us a way to let go of that stuff and reset our spaces for ourselves. We use roses simply because everyone knows what they look like. You can also use bubbles; kids can easily see bubbles and imagine them bursting.

Visualize a rose (or a bubble) out in front of you. Now blow it up! Pop it, explode it, watch it turn into beautiful fireworks. Experiment with roses or bubbles of different sizes, with sending them far away (we love to shower the middle of the ocean or the moon with fireworks!), and with blowing them up behind you, next to you, above you. You can even put specific things into the rose or bubble – for example, the guy who cut you off in traffic, the test score, the frustration over homework. Notice how much lighter you feel, how your body feels calmer and you feel more at ease.

Gold Sun: Relax and Rejuvenate

Gold sun is a great one for teens and adults, in particular, and little kids love it as a bedtime ritual. It’s a way to fill your space with your own unique vibration, the energy that makes you, well, you. Using your gold sun, you can quickly and effortlessly connect with the deepest truth within you. It can help you make decisions that align with the highest and best version of who you are and who you are here to be. It’s also very healing to your body, so it’s a lovely way to relax and feel rejuvenated any time.

Visualize a gold sun 1-2 feet above you. Imagine that sun shining down on you, feel the warmth as it surrounds your body and even soaks in to your body. Let it be soothing and calming, let it energize you and help you see yourself clearly. Allow it to fill you with love and peace. See the gold surrounding you, buffering you from other peoples’ energy and giving you space to choose your best path easily.

Pop these tools in their imaginary backpacks and you are giving your kids, and yourself, life skills that will grow with them and make learning and life a little less stressful and a lot more fun!


Thank You

Thank you so much Barbara and Elizabeth for these back-to-school meditation techniques – Daring Spirits specializes in guided meditation, clairvoyant readings, coaching, energy readings and healing. Learn more about Daring Spirits at:

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