Super Bowl Sunday 2017 – That Was Insane!

New England Patriots Super Bowl gear

Super Bowl 51

I sat down to write this on Friday; two days before Super Bowl Sunday 2017. Let me begin by saying, I’m not a football fan, I don’t watch regular season games and, typically, I don’t watch the Super Bowl.  Oh sure, I attend Super Bowl parties, but you’ll find me sipping, eating and chatting, but rarely watching football.  I poke my head in for a commercial or two, and maybe the half-time show depending on who’s performing, but that’s about it.

The Patriots

This year was different though. I wanted to watch the game and I really wanted the Patriots to win. It wasn’t the painfully endless news coverage of the past two weeks that sucked me in. It was knowing that a Patriot’s win would be a huge “in your face” moment to the haters who contributed to, and wouldn’t let go of, all of the ridiculous deflategate talk.  My God! I know nothing of football and even I knew that was a heinous smear campaign.

The Patriots are an exceptional team with an equally exceptional quarterback and a hilariously effective coach. Deflategate did nothing to disprove that.

The Lovable Grouch

Super Bowl aside, I could watch the Patriots for Bill Belichick alone.  While his cantankerous ways are over the top, I’m drawn to his “lovable grouch” façade. Grouchy, grumbling, never smiling, and yet people revere him. Now that’s true talent.

I couldn’t stop laughing at a recent press conference where Belichick repeatedly answered “Seattle” to questions about his connection to Donald Trump. I kept thinking – he’s nuts, who does that?

He does and it’s working for him. The truth is, I like all sorts of lovable grouches. If you were a Downton Abbey fan, Dame Maggie Smith was perfection as the sourpussed Dowager. Matty in the Morning of Kiss 108 is another funny grump and, of course, my dog Oscar. He’s the most lovable grouch of them all.

oscar the grouch2

Tom Brady

Now let’s talk Tom Brady. After last night, he is being called the quarterback of all-time – NFL’s best. He’s humble, well spoken, gracious, married to Giselle and hot. Why must people try to bring him down?  He’s doing his job and he’s doing it amazingly well. Don’t be jealous! He’s great, so just let him be great.

The only thing I wonder about Tom is whether or not he’s interesting off the field. I once read that he’s never consumed alcohol, coffee or sugar – not even fruit!  This may not be true, but I question whether such a regimented diet and lifestyle is indicative of too intense a personality. Listen, what Tom has accomplished is serious business, he’s a serious person and, sometimes, that can be seriously boring.

But, whatever, who cares?  He’s fabulous, Bill Belichick makes me laugh out loud and the Patriots took Super Bowl Sunday 2017 by storm. They are champions yet again and watching last’s night game was an incredible experience. I still have chills.

I hope you enjoyed this Super Bowl Sunday 2017 post-game report courtesy of one non-football watching, Patriots fan. Go Pats!

P.S. – I thought Lady Gaga’s performance was nothing special.

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