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Take Magazine

Over the weekend I had two stories published with Take Magazine (TheTakeMagazine.com).  I’ve been following this publication for some time and was thrilled to contribute. I hope to continue writing for them going forward. I love that the site pairs great content with beautiful imagery all in subject areas I love…art, music, design, literature, dance, food, fashion, and theater.

As stated on the website, “Take features the in-depth stories of people in New England who are making culture happen in the fields of visual art, music, design, literature, dance, food, fashion, and theater. We also provide the timely information readers need to plan their cultural consumption throughout New England.”

I love that! I also like that the site is nicely organized by state. It is easy to navigate depending on your location of interest and visually appealing.

My Stories Writing for Take Magazine

My first story, Specializing in Spoons, features the talented spoon maker Suzanne Isabelle. Isabelle is the creator of Arborvore: handcrafted woodenware for home and table. Read her story here.

My second story, Dancing in the Streets, covers the upcoming Southern Vermont Dance Festival and its creator Brenda Lynn Siegel. Read her full story here.

It was a pleasure telling both stories because of each subject’s compelling creativity, artistry and passion. I look forward to discovering and sharing more of New England’s talents and treasures.

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I am excited to share more of my writing with you through Take Magazine. I hope you’ll read me there.

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5 years ago

Great articles Beth! I want a spoon now!!