A Really Good Burger Joint – UBurger

burger with onion rings from Uburger

When it comes to burgers, I know my stuff.  A burger and fries has been my go-to order for as long as I can remember. There is nothing like a good burger. When burger joints started popping up nearby, I was really excited; until I tried a few and walked away underwhelmed. Maybe I’m a tough critic, but I have not been wowed by any specialty burger restaurant – until now.

UBurger Comes to Andover

Last weekend, I stopped into UBurger in Andover with my youngest, Ally. I didn’t have particularly high expectations, but we were already in Andover center and hungry so I figured it was worth a try. It’s new to the area and I love trying new places, so why not? Well, after one bite of the UCheeseburger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and house sauce, I was very pleasantly surprised. As soon as I could speak, without a mouthful, I muttered, “Oh my God – this is good.”  I don’t know what’s in that house sauce, but they should bottle it up and sell it. Ally, a lifelong food critic of 14 years, agreed without contest.

Now, this story doesn’t end here because a good burger can only be categorized as really good when I can’t get it off my mind.  When this weekend rolled around and Saturday was washed out with rain, I mentioned UBurger to Tony. What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than popping over to the newest burger joint? Tony accompanied me willingly and, as I anticipated, he was as impressed as I was. His exact words after taking a bite of his A + burger with onion rings, cheddar, tomato and A1 steak sauce were, “Wow, this really is a good burger.” He said it as if he hadn’t quite believed my initial report that this was one of the best burgers I’d had in a long time. I also had the A+ and yeah, its name is its grade on the burger report card of my life.

burger, fries and a diet coke from Uburger
Lunch for two: my dream meal – burger, fries and Diet Coke.

So, what makes a good burger in my book? I would say quality ingredients to start, a burger that’s not too greasy, but not dry, toppings that add flavor and variety but aren’t sloppy and, most importantly, it’s got to taste good. UBurger had it all.

The thing about high-end burger places is that you go in with high expectations. When the expectation falls short, there is no reason to go back because, nowadays, there’s bound to be another, better burger joint right down the road.

The fact that I couldn’t stop thinking about my first UBurger until I went back for another is a sure sign that UBurger is on a tasty track to the top of the burger revolution.

Here’s what else the Andover UBurger has going for it. They serve beer and wine – bonus! Their burgers are all natural and their frappes are delicious and come in a variety of awesome flavors.

Uburger Frappe
Tony got coffee, but I’m in for a Creamsicle next time.

Also, for those not in the mood for a burger, which makes no sense to me, but regardless, UBurger has salads, chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. But come on, you’re at a burger joint – just have the burger.

I’m pretty psyched that UBurger wound up in the next town over from mine.  With only three other locations in Boston, I consider myself lucky.  And, if I’m being honest, I’m already thinking about my next trip in. Now that’s a good sign of a really good burger.

Have you been to UBurger? Check them out if you are near Andover or one of their other locations at the BU West Campus, Kenmore Square and Northeastern.

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7 years ago

Can’t wait to try it, sounds yummy

7 years ago

Maybe 6 or 7 years ago, i stopped by one of their Boston locations with my brother and we were hooked. After that, every time i had something to go for in the city, i always tried to stop by Uburger! I live two towns over and was very excited about the Andover location opening up and i go there whenever i need my fix ?

7 years ago

I’m salivating! I NEED to try this place!!!!

EVelyn C
7 years ago

I see a road trip in my future!!!! Great blog!! If their sales increase they should thank you Beth!!

Jen K
7 years ago

I’m not a big burger fan and after reading this post, I want to go try a Uburger! Not sure I should thank you!!!