Don’t Forget Your Fruits and Vegetables: Guest Blog-Karen Robie Talks Juice Plus

Juice Plus with the benefit of over 30 fruits and vegetables


I am excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, my friend, Karen Robie. Karen is a busy wife, mom of three teens and a representative of Juice Plus. Juice Plus is a great option when getting enough fruits and vegetables into your family’s diet seems an insurmountable task.  

“Eat Your Vegetables!!!”

by Karen Robie

Karen alongside her Tower Garden


Imagine you are six or eight years old, sitting at the dinner table.  You are staring at a plate with all the ‘good stuff’ gone.  All that is left is steamed broccoli, sauteed spinach or something equally distasteful to your six-year-old palate.  And your mom utters the unforgettable, “Eat your vegetables!”

Now, I am the mom.  And I’ve uttered that classic line many times to my own children.  It was two and a half years ago, when a friend introduced me to this concept of berries, fruits and vegetables in a capsule called Juice Plus.  There was no way we were eating enough fruits and vegetables every day.  She said she had a proven solution with some first rate science behind it.  I said yes because it was an easy and affordable way to get the benefits of over 30 different berries, fruits and vegetables – every day in winter, spring, summer and fall!

After a month or so we were noticing some very positive changes in our family’s health.  Colds didn’t last as long or seem as severe.  We all had better looking skin, fewer allergy symptoms and our son’s asthma was gone.  Not to mention more lasting energy throughout the day.  There were 35 medical studies at the time (37 now), showing that this mix of berries, fruits and vegetables in a capsule can do everything we experienced and more!  Studies on lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels and improving circulation.  Also, better cancer outcomes and healthier teeth and gums, among others.  It sounds magical, but it’s not.

Every family has a health history and I didn’t want mine, any more than anyone else wants theirs. I wanted to rewrite it.

As time went on, I just couldn’t keep all of this to myself. I started telling people about it. How could I not?? It was about 2 years ago when I decided to join the business with that same friend and I have never looked back. Making a difference in this world is so important. What if we can impact the health and wellness of hundreds of people? Thousands? That is what our team is doing now. I love what I do and I love the mission: inspiring healthy living around the world. Being able to have more time freedom and flexibility with my family and to be able to say yes to the fun things in life: travel, good food, activities, sports, etc., all while helping others has been amazing, and very gratifying!

What’s next?

Just continuing to share this mission and helping more and more people wherever I can, realize their dreams.

To see more info. or check out the research, please take a look at my website:

Thank you Karen for sharing your Juice Plus journey. I can’t wait to learn even more about it at the North Andover Farmer’s Market where Karen will be in person representing Juice Plus and Tower Garden (another cool way to get your fruits and vegetables, but this time, you grow your own!)

Look for Karen on 7/30, 9/10 and 10/8. The Farmer’s Market runs from 10am-2pm.

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4 years ago

Sure, Fruits and Vegetables should be a part in your daily diet.

Michele Steurer
6 years ago

Great blog & Nobel mission. There’s no doubt that we don’t get the nutrition from plants today that we need. That’s clearly evident with diseases plaguing our parents, peers and children more than ever. I have noticed, however, more and more experts are talking about the power of plants but we really all knew this a long time ago from our moms chanting, “eat your vegetables” just like you said Karen. So, this is truly an amazing concept! Love it!❤️