Simple Solutions to Silly Problems


Sometimes I get stuck with silly problems that aren’t a big deal to resolve. I just don’t give them any energy because well, like I said, they’re silly.

Usually, these hang-ups of mine have really simple solutions. When I finally get around to acting on them, I feel pretty darned satisfied.

Here are a couple that have me feeling happy with myself.

Problem #1

Just a reminder – I said silly!

Every fall, in preparation for cold and flu season, I like to reintroduce a daily vitamin into the family routine. I buy jumbo, cumbersome bottles of gummies of varying types. Plain C for scratchy throat days, multis for any family member’s consumption and women’s just for me, because the bottle said they help with metabolism and energy – yes please!

The daily part was the problem. We kept forgetting to take our supplements because I kept the bottles hidden in a kitchen cabinet. Sure, I could leave them on the counter, but I don’t like the way those clunky bottles look hanging around in plain view.


Why it never occurred to me before I do not know, but finally I realized if I just transfer the fun little gummies into more “counter-friendly” containers then the out-of-sight-out-of-mind problem disappears. Three inexpensive mason jars later, and maybe three minutes of my time, our vitamins are now sitting pretty right where we can see them. Finally, our daily vitamins are taken daily.

Problem #2

Another of my simple solutions came to me over the summer when I found my collection of flimsy flip-flops strewn all over my closet. It was a mess and I could never find a matching pair.

A $15 Fix

Finally, my unusable closet real estate is put to use. On an angled portion of the closet ceiling, that served no purpose whatsoever, I secured three, $5 plastic shoe bags! Voilà– a flip-flop fiesta.

I love cost-effective simple solutions to everyday problems.

Do you have any quick and easy fixes that you love?



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5 years ago

I’m a shoe person for sure. I just keep collecting them and rarely get rid of my oldies. Some of those flip-flops cost $1 so they just keep accumulating. #shoeaddict

5 years ago

Clever! Although I have to agree, you have way too many flip flops!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jen

I was just going to ask why you have so many flip flops!

5 years ago

My problem with the daily dosage was solved differently and is far more complicated if you like that sort of thing, I can extrapolate that for your vitamin dilemma: everyone gets their own separately colored die (singular of dice). Vitamins are placed on counter in cute jars. Take a vitamin, put your die on top of that bottle with a number corresponding to the day. In my world Monday is 1, Tuesday 2 etc and since there are only six sides to a die, Sunday gets number three with the thought that no one could possibly have forgotten that many… Read more »

5 years ago

Your bigger problem is owning 24 pairs of flip-flops😱😉