TBT – Repost : ETCETERA Clothing and Jill Romano

Scuba dresses from the etcetera clothing line

 Jill’s fall collection will be on display from 10/17-10/24. To make an appointment contact Jill at 978-771-9513, send her an email or find her on Facebook. 

*Originally posted in July 2016*

Jill Romano – Stylist Extraordinaire

When you’re sick of the mall and online shopping seems only to result in returns, try a unique, more personalized, shopping experience. My friend, Jill, became an independent fashion consultant for the ETCETERA clothing line in 2015. At the time, I had never experienced a home-based fashion business. I had heard about clothing shopping parties, but ETCETERA was very different. Jill was setting up a private boutique in her home, four times a year for each season. To browse the collection, you book a one hour appointment at which time you have the shop and Jill’s attention all to yourself.

Time to Shop

At my first appointment, I was impressed with the collection’s range of looks going from jeans, sweaters and simple tees to gorgeous dresses, business attire and jackets. I liked that I wasn’t distracted by a party atmosphere and could focus on the clothing. Jill was helpful, but not pushy. I love her–not just because she’s a fellow curly girl, but because her California-born energy is always so positive and fun to be around. She helped me find casual items that suit my style and while the ticket price was higher than I would normally spend, I was open to trying something new. I soon learned that these investment pieces were well worth the money.

Yes, they were high quality, timeless items, but the real payoff came when I realized that every single time I wore ETCETERA clothing , I got compliments in droves. What’s more – I found myself admiring the tops, dresses and sweaters of my friends only to learn they, too, came from Jill. No joke, it just happened last night! There is something eye-catching about the ETCETERA style that really speaks to me and keeps me wanting more.


Etcetera clothing line pink sweater and gray tank top jacket
My pink sweater is so soft in tone and touch. Jill’s tailored look with coordinating top and jacket screams stylish.
etcetera clothing pink sweater and gray fringed tank top
Take a closer look at Jill’s fringed tank top. So cute!


Personalized Service

The personalized service that Jill offers is another major benefit of this line. Not only does she help style and fit you, but she can even tell you if something you have your eye on has been purchased by someone else in your area. In the featured photo (thank you Linda Holt Interiors, for all of your fabulous photography), I’m wearing a scuba, digital print dress that I fell in love with and planned to wear to a local event. Jill was able to tell me that no one else nearby had purchased the dress. I was thrilled and that dress has become a dressy night go-to that gets comments every time I wear it. At a recent Bat Mitzvah, the husband of a woman I didn’t know asked where I got it because his wife liked it so much. I was flattered!


digital print scuba dresses by Etcetera clothing line
Jill and I both wear our scuba, digital print dresses. The thicker, flexible fabric of the scuba style dress is so comfortable and flattering.


ETCETERA clothing has allowed me to find some truly stand-out pieces. It’s also a great line for the busy woman who prefers to shop in an intimate setting with professional guidance regarding style, fit and comfort.

white top with sheer paneling, dark denim and hot pink silk top by Etcetera clothing line
My silk, pink peasant top with wide sleeve is comfortable and pops with color. Jill’s jeans and top with sheer panels demonstrate ETCETERA’s classic style.
Women's Tops by Etcetera clothing
Photo bomb courtesy Sir Oscar!


Coming up…

Jill’s next show for the fall collection will be September 8th through the 15th. She books appointments from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm every day of her showing, including weekends.

To learn more, contact Jill at 978-771-9513, send her an email or find her on Facebook. 

To view the current season go to www.etcetera.com.

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6 years ago

Beth, thank you so much for reposting this 2016 article! Your friendship and support is so very much appreciated. Just to clarify, I will be showing both the fall and winter collections, over 300 pieces in inventory, at my upcoming show which will run from October 17th through the 24th. Please feel free to text or call me for more information and to book your private appointment, and you can find me on FB at Jill Romano for ETC.

7 years ago

Love the clothes and you were both such fun and beautiful models!

7 years ago

If love to try this service!

beth daigle
7 years ago
Reply to  Kiki

I’ll call you for the next show and we can go together!

7 years ago

Love these clothes and the service. It is great that you can determine if anyone in your area has purchased what you are thinking of purchasing. Very classic detail makes the clothes stand apart from depth art ent store clothing.

7 years ago

Thanks for this Beth! I will be contacting Jill in the future!!