What the Scrunch? Scrunchies are Back!


Warning – Silly Post Alert!

Only to see it, is to believe it. The 1990s hair trend, I never thought would return, is back with a vengeance. Why do I know this? Well, in search of a pair of socks in my youngest daughter’s room, I stumbled across the drawer in the photo. An entire drawer dedicated entirely to scrunchies – who’d have guessed?

At first glance, I felt I’d been thrown back in time. But I can assure you, I never amassed a collection of scrunchies quite like this. I certainly noticed my daughter wearing them, but not so much that I imagined she’d have so many.

No worries-leave it to this nosy mom, to ask the tough questions. Without hesitation I reached out directly to Google – I’d never get a straight answer out of my 16-year-old. Low and behold scrunchies have made an epic comeback. On runways and beyond.

Scrunchie Specifics

This article from The Zoe Report explains the ins and outs of the scrunchies return and how high-end options in leather, velvet and animal prints are all the rage. Okay, I always understood the benefits of scrunchies over regular ponytail bands, in that they are gentler on the hair. Using a scrunchie reduces breakage and prevents the unsightly bend in hair that is often left behind when a ponytail band is used. But honestly, I’m not sure I’m appreciating the stylistic value of this once-upon-a-time hair holder. I’m thinking they are better left in the 90s.

Although the fashion blogs are saying scrunchies are for girls and ladies alike, I think they are better suited for the younger set. Little kids and teens just have the youthful exuberance to playfully pull off pretty much any look. However, if this is this case, I think some designers better rethink their scrunchie price points. $175 for a Luxe Leather scrunchie? Come on! I’m not buying it – literally or figuratively!






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