The Pop-Up Art Gallery at Helen Thomas in Andover

A beautiful piece currently hanging in the Helen Thomas Pop-Up Art Gallery by Liz Auffant

When a door opens, go through it and make an art gallery. That’s what Lisa Schiavone, owner of Helen Thomas in Andover, did when the space formerly occupied by Circles of Wisdom became available.

Lisa has always had a love of art. Over the years, her gift and home décor store has shown more and more original artwork by local artists. Stephanie Mobbs-Deady’s signature cow creations and glitzy ladies cheerfully adorn the walls. The keen craftsmanship of Michele Boshar’s mixed media collages delight as onlookers discover the intricate details of her designs.

But, when the Circle of Wisdom space became available, Lisa wanted to do more. She had come to know a young artist by the name of Josh Hilty through Stephanie. Both Lisa and Stephanie admired his work and wanted to foster it. Together, Lisa, Josh, Stephanie and a team of artists transformed the space behind her retail store into a charming art gallery. It oozes with passion, creative energy and a shared love for original works of art.

On February 7th, the artists of Helen Thomas’s pop-up art gallery came together for a Valentine’s inspired reception…For the LOVE of ART & WINE. Toss in a little chocolate and it was a perfect night!

Step & Repeat

Upon entering, Emily O’Brien snapped photos of attendees in a fun photo booth/step & repeat. Delicious chocolates by Sweet Mimi’s were on hand to tempt and sample. Representatives from Scout & Cellar wine shared sips of their tasty organic blends.

Artist Stephanie Mobbs-Deady-left. Owner Helen Thomas Lisa Schiavone-right. You know who smack dab in the middle!

Be My Valentine!

The adorable Love Note wall simply made me smile as visitors were given the opportunity to tack up their own expressions of love.

wall of love notes at pop-up art gallery

The Pop-Up Art Gallery

The art gallery is a beautiful space to gather, be inspired and appreciate art in a fun and welcoming space. Be sure to check it out while the space is still full of amazing artwork. You may even get a glimpse of Josh working in the active studio space.

guest viewing art at pop-up art gallery
photo by Emily O’Brien

Don’t miss this wonderful art experience. Stop in anytime and follow Helen Thomas on Facebook to learn about the next gallery event. They are so much fun – I can’t wait!

Meet the Artists

Josh Hilty

-a passionate go-getter and talented artist who has taken the pop-up art gallery by storm. Josh’s art has depth and soul.

Liz Auffant

-a talented young artist, writer and free spirit with a flair for seeing through the rain.

Michele Boshar

-a creative communicator, Michele combines illustrations, text, paste and paint to create captivating and thoughtful pieces, each with a unique message (and yes, I want Michele’s piece shown here!)

Stephanie Mobbs-Deady

-a whimsical artist with a passionate heart. Her art is colorful and happy, just like Stephanie.

Debbie Shirley

-flash back to simpler times with the bold colors of Debbie Shirley’s art. Her renditions of retro diners, cars, motels and more will transport you in just the way a great piece of art should.

John Mulcahy

-a beautiful landscape artist, John’s work will bring the outdoors in.

Emily O’Brien

-a talented portrait and interiors photographer, Emily’s photos inside the pop-up gallery show her range and skill behind the lens.

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5 years ago

What talented artists!