The College Search is On!

When I’m stumped with what to blog about, I think about what 3 Olives & a Twist is all about…cocktail conversations! So, what is top of mind when I’m out and about these days? College!

I have a high school junior and, whether I’m ready or not or she’s ready or not, the college search is on. Our mailbox is inundated with college promotional material. I have not heard of half of these schools.

Most conversations about the college search are innocent enough. Have you gone on any tours yet? What does your child want to study? What part of the country do you see them in? My answers…yes, probably business, can I say my backyard?

The truth is I happily field these questions, but my prospective college student isn’t nearly as engaged as I am.

I am oddly excited about the prospect of my kids heading off to college. Between fits of panic, I dream about the wonderful opportunity both of my girls have ahead of them. The freedom, the change of scenery, the independence, the newness of it all is thrilling.

As a parent, I’m fascinated with the college years. I’ve already blogged about it four times.

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While I’ve happily held the reins of Julia’s college search, it’s time I hand them to her. I question whether she’ll grab hold, but following a conversation with one of the high school guidance counselors, I’m reassured to hear that it’s entirely normal for a high school junior to be tepid about their college search. I’m also happy that help is right around the corner. In April, the high school guidance department will begin their annual push to get juniors on track with their college search and I hope the spark I’ve been waiting to see will finally be ignited.


I love having someone else tell my child exactly what I’ve been telling them for months and suddenly seeing action.

Whatever it takes – I’m on board and I can’t wait for our next round of college tours. Back to the Big Apple. NYC here we come – again!

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