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Lately I’ve been caught up worrying that my blog posts are not getting a lot of “Likes” (on Facebook) or comments. I know you are reading because so many of you have the nicest things to say when I see you in person. Thank you for that!

I find myself asking; what are my posts are missing? What could I be doing or writing that would be more engaging?

When I wrote exclusively for the magazine, feedback wasn’t really expected and that made things easy. Now, in this sea of social media, I see all kinds of posts getting hundreds of “Likes” and comments. I wonder how I can reach readers here in the same way.

Advice from Daily Horoscope

Before this concern became all-consuming, I was reminded that this blog is only three months old and things take time. But I am so impatient! Thank you to my family and friends who talk me off the ledge. I also read somewhere that “Likes” and comments shouldn’t really matter as long as you are putting out quality content. OK, but still I obsessed.

Until this past Tuesday when I opened up my handy horoscope app and read this:




OMG – was the universe speaking directly to me? I was actually stunned when I read it and, as I often do with my horoscope, I took it to heart.

I discovered The Daily Horoscope app in the App Store a couple of years ago and have found it to be consistently positive and spot on 90 percent of the time.

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I turned Julia onto it and now she follows it too. Whenever she needs a little reassurance or encouragement, this app seems to have just the right message for her. It’s crazy really and, like mine, her horoscope is often eerily in tune with some specific things going on in her life. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve said to each other, “Did you see my horoscope today? It’s weird, just plain weird.”

So today I will listen to my horoscope and if the “Likes” and comments don’t come flooding in, I’m OK with it. But hey, don’t let that stop you. If you are so inclined- I’d love to hear from you.

Have you tried the Daily Horoscope App? Do you find it eerily accurate or missing the mark?

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6 years ago

Keta,Thanks for the amazing video, I cod18n&#u2l7;t believe my eyes! So glad that park ranger was there to record the stallions quick thinking. I enjoying her remarks at the end too! Hugs Sue

kristen pascucci
7 years ago

This is AMAZING! Your blog is GREAT, and I will make sure to “like” it more often, because I do LOVE it! I am downloading that right now.

Lisa Bernard
7 years ago

Chris often told us that he could’ve wallpapered an entire room with rejection letters before he made his mark.
He believed in himself and persevered. You will do the same….with or without ‘likes’.

7 years ago

I have been reading (and re-reading) this lovely commencement speech from the Brain Pickings blog: It has a great message overall, and a special paragraph for those of us who get easily caught up in the metrics of social media. You are doing a great job, don’t worry about the numbers!

7 years ago

Love that you showed me this App! – addicted for sure!! – to the App AND your blogs!! Julia and I will have to chat about any relevant Pisces horoscopes!

Sam Sandra Monroe
7 years ago

I feel your pain, consider yourself appreciated!!

Dick M
7 years ago

Leo? Who knew? I’m Aug 15 — what’s your date?

beth daigle
7 years ago
Reply to  Dick M

Aug 6 Dick! but I won’t give you the year 😉

Jen K
7 years ago

I’m downloading that app next!! Thank you! I love when the universe talks to me too! The trick is, “Listen”.

7 years ago

Us Leos have this problem Beth. Love your blog!