The Memorial Day Flag Garden – An Impactful Tribute

Memorial Day Flag Garden in Boston


I don’t always remember to remember on Memorial Day. Sometimes beaches and barbeques take center stage and the point of this unofficial start of summer, day off, escapes me.

This year, however, I did something that made an impression and secured, in my mind and heart, what this day is all about. I love getting into Boston, so when this volunteer activity came up to participate in the Memorial Day Flag Garden, I was thrilled to participate.

Remembering Those We’ve Lost through the Memorial Day Flag Garden

I joined my sister, along with hundreds of other volunteers, in planting over 37,000 flags at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Boston Common. This annual tradition is organized by The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund for which my cousin’s wife, Diane Nealon, is the Executive Director. I’m so grateful to Diane for sharing this opportunity with us.

Days later, I returned to see the completed flag garden with my entire family. Realizing that each flag in the mass display represented the life of a fallen Massachusetts service member since the Revolutionary War was sobering. I kept thinking – this is Massachusetts alone.


Over 37,000 flags planted at the Memorial Day Flag Garden in Boston


This breathtaking tribute is on display until 6pm this evening at which time the flags will be retired. If you are in the Boston area on Memorial Day and have the chance to stop by the Memorial Day Flag Garden, I think you’ll find the sea of flags as impactful as I did.

Interested in volunteering in Boston?

Check out these opportunities at Volunteer Match.

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7 years ago

What a beautiful tribute.

7 years ago

I felt honored to participate and encourage all to make a trip to view the memorial.

7 years ago

This is the second year I have been priviledged to witness this memorial and I am still awe struck each time I see it. Wonderful tribute! Proud of my girls participation.

7 years ago

So happy you blogged about this wonderful tribute to our soldiers. Once you participate; it leaves an indelible imprint on you each year. Those who participate become as a family to one another.