Driver’s Ed and My Teen Driver

VW bug on the road

I’m on to teen driver #2! While embracing this milestone moment has been a bit easier the second time around, it has conjured up a new set of worries. Back when Julia got her driver’s license in 2017, I was overwhelmed with the idea of letting go.

On-Road Anxiety

This time, I’m more emotionally prepared. The one thing I’ve struggled with, however, is the on-roads. These are the lessons when an instructor picks up the teen driver, either from home or school, and tests their on-road abilities.

Now, as I’m guessing any parent of a teen would agree, I’m eternally grateful to these instructors. They take time and care honing our children’ skills behind the wheel. The problem is, I have no idea who these instructors are.

Who Are You and Where Are You Going with My Child?

When Julia first entered a Driver’s Ed vehicle, I helicoptered my way out to the driveway and introduced myself to her first instructor. Tony did the same for Ally – only because I begged him to. From then on, I have put blind faith in their future instructors.

This became increasingly unnerving with Ally because many of her lessons were at night. Julia’s were over the summer and all during the day. I suddenly realized that I had sent my precious baby off with a complete stranger, in the dark, driving to God knows where.

I couldn’t text her to see if everything was OK because, assuming all was going as planned, she was either observing another teen driver or she herself was driving.

It was a strange feeling considering I had never set eyes on most of her instructors and there is no way to reach anyone. The instructors don’t typically text the students to let them know they have arrived (some do, but not all). It’s up to the student to look out the window and head out when they see the car outside.

Instructor Information

So, here’s my thought – the folks at Driver’s Ed are doing great things. They take a whole lot of pressure off parents whose worst nightmare is to drive alongside their inexperienced teen. But, it would be nice to have instructor names, photos and qualifications available on the Driver’s Ed website. Additionally, when your child’s on-road schedule is set, it would be nice to know who is taking them out and how to contact them.

Yes, I know I sound like a total smother, but in this day and age a little extra information is not only nice, but necessary.

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5 years ago

So true! I wonder why this is the case. As an adult, I can’t imagine ring in a vehicle alone with unfamiliar teenagers. It’s a weird situation on both ends. It’s a sad state of affairs that this is what our world has come to.