My Style Makeover with Lysa Pelletier

Lysa in all her fabulous glory! Photo by Emily O’Brien Photography


As 2017 came to a close, I felt an irresistible urge for change. Change in my home décor, my workout routine, my diet and, most desperately, my style. I feel lucky to have a friend and expert in the field of fashion who helped me with this last one. It’s not that I don’t have clothes I like, I just don’t know how to put them together in a current and cool way.

Enter my good friend and personal stylist, Lysa Pelletier. Lysa and I have known each other for about twelve years since our daughter’s attended preschool together. I was always drawn to Lysa’s bold style and hilarious sense of humor. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Lysa, be a guest on her radio show and participate in creative pursuits that nurture the artsy spirit that bonds us.

After talking about it time and again, I finally invited Lysa into my closet and my style makeover began. My big question was, why do I wear the same old things over and over when I have plenty of great clothes and shoes to choose from?

Closet Conversations

Bye, Bye, Bye

First things first, Lysa helped me lose the snooze wear and I don’t mean pajamas. Lysa helped me clear out items in my closet that were outdated and unworthy. I actually loved this part. I didn’t mind getting rid of things and every time we tossed something, I wondered why I’d held onto it for so long. “You’re better than this,” Lysa said about an old, out of style, top. I couldn’t have agreed more and out it went.

Work it

After the purge, I pulled items I should be wearing but never do. I have several pieces of clothing that never see the light of day, but are fantastic. I just struggle with how to wear them. Lysa gave me the best advice – she said, “You’ve got to make your clothes work for you.” In other words, if you have jeans or a shirt that you never wear because they’re too long, grab your scissors and cut them. If you have a top that is itchy around the neckline, try wearing another top under it.


Lysa in action! Top right, Lysa collapses on my to-go pile. Bottom left, Lysa throws on a gray crushed velvet blazer I got in Paris. She showed me how easy it is to make it look good. Bottom right, Lysa came armed with ideas and notepad to jot down items to fill in the gaps.


Back to Basics

Layering has always been a challenge for me and now I know why. I had no basics to pair with the fun jackets, sweaters and shoes I stockpile and never wear. No black turtleneck, no white T, no fitted tops. It’s no wonder I couldn’t pull any outfits together. I needed those simple pieces to tie my outfits together. Meanwhile, those pieces I never wear have their moment to shine.


The best part of my styling session was letting Lysa do her magic! In my case, Lysa brought together tops, bottoms, jackets, sweaters and shoes I never would have matched. In fact, I learned I am way too matchy-matchy and need to take more risks mixing patterns and colors. She created looks that take my style up a notch in just the way I had hoped. And all of those missing basics from my wardrobe…Lysa ran out and picked up exactly what I needed. I was thrilled!


6 looks from my style makeover
I have had the pink boots featured in two of these shots for over 10 years and never wore them. They’ve already hit the streets twice!


All about Lysa

Lysa is a photo stylist and personal stylist working with top brands including New Balance, Rue La La, Titlest and American Airlines. Check out her beautiful body of work at She is the style editor at Merrimack Valley Magazine and the hilarious host of her own talk show, Valley Girls (find them on Facebook), on Eagle


Style Makeover with Lysa

If you are interested in stepping up your style with Lysa email her at She will revamp your closet and your style in a way perfectly suited to you and your budget. Lysa is an expert at mixing high and low price points – great style doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Thank you!

Thank you Lysa, for giving me the guidance to look at my closet in a whole new way. Before my style makeover, I never would have had the courage to purchase the wild boots (bottom right in photo collage above) that I love so much and for which I have received so many compliments.

You have inspired me to dare to be different and take the time to consider outfits that would never have occurred to me.

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6 years ago

Love the new outfits! I’m afraid that if I went through this exercise, I’d have nothing left in my closet.

6 years ago

Great post. Lysa is remarkable and so is your new closet

6 years ago

I have so many pieces I’ve never worn in my closet and so many pieces I need to get rid of. I loved the photo of the ToGo pile!

6 years ago

Beth, you are the absolute best!! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog post and for letting me “hang”
in your closet ! next time, it will include your signature drink!!!

6 years ago

I think I need Lysa!! Great post.

Funny I tell my students they need to be coachable. I forget that you can be coachable in other areas. It’s easy to be coachable at work or in school. We seem to get locked into our own style or set in our ways.

2018 seems to be a year of change for many of us. Lots of new things going on for me too. I think it might be time for a closet coach!!!

6 years ago

Love this post! This is exactly what I need someone to do for me. Those outfits look so fun.