An Excerpt from My Book, Musing Mediterranean

Julia and Ally eating spaghetti in Rome - an excerpt from Musing Mediterranean

Musing Mediterranean

In the past week, I began final edits on my book. I started writing Musing Mediterranean in 2012 following a remarkable family trip to Greece, Italy and Turkey It has now been reviewed, revised (at least six times) and professionally edited. This week I will finalize it before seeking representation by a literary agent or publisher.

I can’t believe I’m finally at a stopping point – it feels good to have seen it through to completion. It’s also scary to now subject my work to critical review. Whatever happens with my book, I did what I set out to do. I wrote something longer and more significant than a magazine article and for that I am proud.

Back in August, I posted about the book calling it My Never Ending Story. It’s a light-hearted read – I like to describe it as Eat, Pray, Love meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding. More than a travel book, it’s a travel experience. In it I discuss food, family and the faraway places we visited. I also talk about the travel anxiety that nearly prevented me from taking the trip in the first place.

This week on the blog, I would like to share two excerpts.  I welcome your feedback and I’d love for you to share this post if you are so inclined.

The featured photo is one of my favorites from our time in Rome.  My girls were so little then. This quintessential Italian meal followed our visit to the Vatican.  It was a holy day, but what I’d learn, well after we returned home, is that nothing is ever too sacred for my husband and brother-in-law to find an excuse to celebrate.

I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from Musing Mediterranean.

After The Vatican – An Excerpt

Most of the grown-ups imbibed in typical fashion – reserving “adult refreshments” for dinners, happy hours, night caps – you get the idea. Bob and Tony, however, never missed a chance to sample a European beer, shot or glass of vino. Lunch, brunch, dinner; it was all great timing for them. They are big guys so they could handle it. I, on the other hand, would never make it out of my cabin if Mimosas or Bloody Marys were on the menu before noon. Courtesy of Bob and Tony alone, we have so many photos of bottles of beer that I was seriously thinking about censoring the family photo album.

In one photo taken in Rome, snapped surreptitiously by Bob, Tony is pictured holding something in a shot glass alongside a waiter by the name of Giorgio. This adorable, Italian young man served us a wonderful meal after our day at the Vatican. It all seemed very wholesome as we enjoyed our outdoor seating: Julia and Ally slurped spaghetti and Paolo and Ivana told us where they were headed after Rome.

Meanwhile, inside, there was an impromptu celebration happening at the bar.

When I first opened the photo link that Bob sent me and saw this picture, I had to stop to think about where we were.

Tony, why is it that no matter where we are or what time of day, you manage to make it a party? I said pointing to his photo with Giorgio.

What do you mean? Oh that, we just wanted to toast Giorgio for his great service.

When did Bob and Tony slip away from our quaint sidewalk table to sneak a shot of some random Italian spirit with the waiter? To think that we had just spent a holy day at the Vatican complete with knees and shoulders covered.

For the record, Tony would not let me post the photo of him and Giorgio!

Thursday’s Post – Another Excerpt from Musing Mediterranean

Thank you – stay tuned for another excerpt from Musing Mediterranean this Thursday featuring The Parthenon.

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7 years ago

LOVE this pic of the girls (and their hair accessories!) The picture made me want to dive right into the article, which was terrific btw. I’m so excited to read more from your book pal! xoxo

7 years ago

Sweet memories, can’t wait for the whole book

7 years ago

Beth, congratulations on the completion of your book! I know it was a long time coming so you must feel much relief and excitement for its publishing. I can relate to the subject matter in your excerpt as we did much imbibing in Italy, but with our teenage children nonetheless! I have more photos of the four of us drinking then I’d like to admit! Of course the drinking age is much younger there and no one ever questioned our order as drinking with parents is very accepted. I made fun of this at Christmas and turned eight of those… Read more »