Fun Holiday Games Get The Party Started…

Christmas cookie puzzle and Shut The Box


…And keep it going. As the kids have grown, holiday gatherings have naturally evolved. Conversation centers more on college, social lives and, in some (many) cases, the latest aches and pains suffered by the adults.

There are times, of course, when conversation wanes and either the holiday wraps up early with little fanfare or, as we’ve more recently enjoyed, fun holiday games are introduced and everyone from my 15-year old to my 80-year old dad finds themselves immersed in the activity.

To be fair, all of these holiday games are not holiday specific at all, but it just so happened my family managed to celebrate three Thanksgivings together this year, so the games really helped to breathe a little life into each of our parties.


Courtesy of Karla Kittler

It’s so simple, yet it was so much fun. My sister had a holiday puzzle set up on her kitchen island over Thanksgiving and before we knew it everyone was taking turns trying to get the darn thing framed. At one point, I was so into it, I set my drink smack dab in the middle of the puzzle while I furiously attempted to fit pieces together.


My sister’s Facebook post about my ill placed cocktail.


I confidently declared at least 12 times that pieces were missing and my sister had set us up for failure. The pieces always turned up.

Tony loved the idea so much, Karla mailed him the Christmas cookie puzzle in the main photo for Christmas day. We can’t wait! Thanks Kiki.

Shut The Box

Courtesy of Tony Daigle

Another big hit over Thanksgiving was Tony’s latest sensation, Shut The Box. This super simple game of dice and basic addition is hysterical. Adding under pressure and strategic game play are definitely not everyone’s strong suit.

The beauty of these holiday games is that everyone at the party can participate. It brings the kids and adults together in a fun, competitive and entertaining way. We have also played LCR (Left, Right, Center) with scratch tickets, again courtesy of Karla, and a simple Italian card game we call Petrangula (sp?), but have no idea of the proper spelling or if that’s a name our family made up. This game of “slow death” as my Nono used to call it was brought to us courtesy of my mother! Thanks Mom!

What fun holiday games do you play to keep festivities lively?

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5 years ago

Coincidentally we did puzzles over Christmas. It was very addictive.

5 years ago

love this idea!!

5 years ago

Games add so much to any event. I love them!