UPDATE! Are You a List Person? If Yes, You’ll Love This.

UpdateUpdateWunderlist app



Wunderlist is no longer available.

I have switched to Microsoft ToDo. Here is a link to some List App alternatives. Enjoy!

Live, Love, List 😀 !


I’m a list person. Tony is too. Up until now, we’ve maintained countless independent lists off of which we happily cross many an item.

Recently, I began regular classes at my latest fitness obsession – reformer Pilates (keep an eye out in the new year for a post on my new studio, Oxygen Mind and Body, love, love, love!) In one class a fellow student sang the praises of Wunderlist. I was intrigued and quickly hooked when she mentioned that you can link your family members to any of your lists.

By the time I made it to my car, I had downloaded Wunderlist and began creating all sorts of to-do and to-buy lists.


Wunderlist at App Store


First and foremost, I shared my grocery list with everyone in my family. Now that they have accepted my invitation and downloaded the app for themselves, they can see what I’ve added to our list and they can add whatever they’d like as well. It is such an easy way for everyone to contribute to and maintain household lists. I now have up to date requests from my family right down to the minute of checkout.

No more complaints like I wish you got this or I wish you got that. Now I just say, you should’ve added it to the list! And, I cannot tell you the sense of satisfaction I get when I check off an item from a list and I hear the little ding of accomplishment.

If you’re list person like me or considering becoming one, ditch the post-it notes and check out this app.

Happy Holidays everyone.

See you back here after the first of the year.




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6 years ago

I finally downloaded the app — I can’t believe it took me so long after that conversation in class, but I love it!!

6 years ago

I’m actually excited about this!!
Thank you…..from one List Lover to another!!!

6 years ago

I told Frank the other day about this app and invited him to join my grocery list. That’s as far as I got (I’m not a list person). Frank is a list guy and he has created and shared many lists! Yikes, I’m feeling pressure. Me and my big mouth!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!

6 years ago

Downloaded and ready to go!