New Year, New Shows, Netflix… Lovesick

lovesick on Netflix

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2018 brings all good things. Or at least less bad things than 2017.

This winter break was good. Despite losing my voice on Christmas eve and finishing out vacation week with a nagging cough, I ended up doing a lot of what I love…watching TV. Oh, and of course spending time with my wonderful family.

With most shows on mid-season hiatus, I was left with few options. At first, I found myself watching the early seasons of Will & Grace. I was pretty content until I completely overdosed and couldn’t bear to watch one more quippy, banter-filled episode. I’ll look forward to some fresh material from the reboot returning this week.

So, what’s an old-school girl to do when there’s nothing on TV? Duh, Netflix. Weirdly, Netflix is still an afterthought for me, but once I’m there it’s such a fabulous fiesta of options. Most of which I have no interest in, but when I do find something I like, I’m totally sucked in.


In my last post about shows worth watching I found myself captivated by Episodes with Matt LeBlanc. He and his talented British co-stars were a treat. Well, I must have a thing for the Brits, because this time I discovered Lovesick on Netflix. I fell in love with this British sitcom that somehow turned the main character’s quest to inform all of his past lovers of his recently diagnosed STD into a romantic exploration of his past and the one constant throughout…his true love.

With a first season of only six episodes and a second season of eight, I had binge watched Lovesick in two days. The good news for me is that the third season was just released yesterday. I can’t wait.

Other Netflix Originals I’ve Enjoyed

Master of None (starring Aziz Ansari – surprisingly sweet)

Glow (1980s throwback – kooky/funny)

Atypical (starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, wow she looks different – interesting)

Friends from College (riveting)

Bloodline (chilling, but man I love Kyle Chandler)

What shows are you watching in 2018?

Coming up this month on the blog, I’m excited to post about Oxygen Mind + Body Pilates and the fashion stylings of my good friend, Lysa Pelletier Gibbs. Stay tuned.

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6 years ago

Obsessed with Happy Valley!

6 years ago

Not sure if Netflix offers it, but you should try Gavin and Stacy. Another Brit comedy that came out 5 or 6 years ago, starring in a supporting role a young James Corden. I loved it!