Get Organized – The Gift That Keeps Giving

organized spice drawer
This makes me happy. I want my house and life to be like a neat and tidy spice drawer.


Happy New Year!

First of All – Happy New Year! It is 2017 and I feel a great year coming our way. The fresh start of a new year is one of my favorite things, but the weeks leading up to it are always so harried.

I don’t think I am ever more disorganized than at Christmas time. I can never seem to keep the lists, gifts, receipts, cards and groceries straight. Every year, my otherwise tidy house turns into a stockpile of stuff.

As much as I love getting in the spirit with Christmas decorations, I would say they are the very thing that set the frantic and disorderly train in motion. The Christmas clutter makes it impossible to get organized during the holiday season; no matter how hard I try.

The Day After Christmas

While some people experience a sense of letdown the day after Christmas; I rejoice in it. It’s the day I can finally get organized after weeks of disarray. The surge of satisfaction that comes from every item I put away rivals that of the best gift I opened. This year, the days following Christmas were particularly productive.

Get Organized

Decorations came down faster than ever before and undoing Christmas was just the beginning.  The initial ripple of Christmas clean-up quickly turned into a tidal wave as my desire to get organized extended well beyond holiday décor. If you know me, my house is generally picked up, but it’s everything I’ve crammed into drawers, cabinets and closets that’s my dirty little secret.

Since Christmas, I’ve cleaned out and organized my makeup, the sports bottle shelf (seriously, does any one family need so many sports bottles), my bathroom cabinets, the food pantry and dish cabinets, the refrigerator, the plasticware drawer, the junk drawer, my inbox, my jewelry (I’ve since discovered I’ve lost half of two sets of earrings) and three miscellaneous kitchen cabinets.

With everything I organized I felt better and more energized to move on to the next thing. It’s feels so good!

When I get organized in my home, it always helps me get organized in life. It gives me clarity and focus and with 2017 ahead of us, I could use a strong start.

Start Small

If you’re feeling like a clean out is in order, but don’t know where to start – start small and carve out a manageable window of time that is not overwhelming. Pick one room, one drawer, one container that needs attention and go from there. Empty it completely, purge what you don’t use and then put everything else back in an orderly fashion.

You may not find it fun, like I do, but once it’s done you’ll be so glad you did it.

May 2017 Bring You All The Best!

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5 years ago

Thank you Beth for the motivation, i ended up putting my Christmas decorations away after reading your blog, it felt so good and my house was no longer cluttered!

5 years ago

You rock Beth! Great advice and nice job on tackling so many spaces! I agree whole heartedly – it’s amazing how much more productive, peaceful, and energized you are when you’re environment is clutter-free! Should any of your followers need a little extra help….they can contact me by visiting Happy New Year!

5 years ago

Finally have all the Christmas decorations put to bed for another year. Plan to declutter soon.

5 years ago

I have spice drawer envy!

5 years ago

Good luck Jen and have fun ?

5 years ago

I’m on the exact same page. By 6pm the day after Christmas our house looked like the holiday never even happened. I couldn’t get all that extra clutter and Christmas stuff put away fast enough! Happy new Year!

5 years ago

I love organizing, too! You are inspiring me to tackle my junk drawers today!!