My Doggie Dilemma – To Stroll or Not to Stroll?

OK, I know I’ve gone legit crazy, but hear me out. This may not be as insane as it initially sounds.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m obsessed with my dog. Lately, I’ve been contemplating a doggie stroller. Before you say I’ve lost my mind, let me explain. Oscar is eleven years old, he’s diabetic and, worst of all, he’s lazy. He walks every day, except when he doesn’t feel like it. I don’t push him to go because 1) I worry too much about him and 2) he’s stubborn as all get out. At 30 lbs, the only way to get him to go someplace when he doesn’t want to is to carry him. That’s just not happening.

The thing is, we have a great daily routine. Every morning we meet up with other neighborhood dogs in an area just half a mile from home. The dogs run off-leash, sniff at their leisure and become one with nature. It’s awesome – Oscar loves it and so do I. When he doesn’t want to walk, I either don’t go or, I drive him to meet up with his furry friends.

This has worked out pretty well until recently when I started using a Fitbit. Every time Oscar skipped his walk, I realized I was missing out on precious steps.

Enter my great idea…a doggie stroller. It’s perfect!, I explained to my dog walking pals. I still get my steps and Oscar gets to our doggie park destination without trudging around the neighborhood attached to that dastardly leash.  Once the laughter ceased, my friends surmised that Oscar would either hate it or he’d never walk again.

Truthfully, I’m pretty sure he’d love it (he’s such a prince), but I agree that his motivation to move might wane even more if he knows there’s a chariot awaiting. I know his walks are good for him and I don’t want to risk losing them.

So, what do you think? Is a doggie stroller a bad idea?

One last plug for the doggie stroller – Oscar is as heat resistant as a snowman. He never walks in temperatures above 75 degrees. The stroller would be a nice summer option to get him out and about to meet up with his friends.

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6 years ago

I have seen it first hand, this boy loves his stroller. After getting out to run around with his friends, he went to the stroller and waited to be picked up for his walk home. Very smart boy!

Lisa Bernard
6 years ago

If you lived in southwest Florida, this discussion would be moot. Not only would Oscar have a stroller, but also color coordinated attire for each romp with his canine comrades and a matching jewelled visor to keep him safe from the sun’s rays!!!

7 years ago

Get the stroller. He is too big for a sling or a knapsack. (I have both for my 5 pound dog.) You will never regret the stroller. It is worth every penny. You will keep Osca’s world from getting smaller and smaller.

7 years ago

I say forget the stroller and get a “Baby Bjorn” – your workouts will be off the charts and Oscar will love being cozy!! 🙂

7 years ago

As much as it makes me laugh out loud……I see the value in a doggy stroller. Cassie and I have our morning routine as well – 2-3 mile walk. I have resorted to carrying a bag of treats and bribing her when she lays in the middle of Summer St, refusing to walk. I’m not sure i could find a stroller big enough for her 97 lb body, but if I could, I’d be right there with you! Do what works for you, just be prepared for the giggling that may go along with it!

7 years ago

I agree with previous comments. I would vote for stroller too.

7 years ago

Beth, in my opinion your prose is at its best when Oscar is the subject! After carefully weighing the pros and cons of strolling, I say go for it!

Betsy Travis
7 years ago

I say get the doggie stroller. It will be better for you and Oscar. That way, you can get him to the doggie park and you get some exercise. Our furry babies deserve the pampering, they give us so much love and devotion.

7 years ago


Slightly off-topic, but coincidently Oscar came up in conversation Tony and I had on the golf course. We were discussing how dogs can impact on family travel plans, and I suggested doggy day care, which Rocco (our 8 yr old, very obstinate basset hound) loves!

Tony made it clear that Oscar would be having none of that, thank you….prince that he is😉