Do you Rosé? The Resurgence of Rosé Wine

La Crema rose wine

I think it’s common knowledge that rosé wine has a bad rap. It has the reputation of being low-grade and overly sweet. Years ago, when the Real Housewives of Orange Country first introduced me to the idea of rosé, I was all into it. Pink, pretty, sweet – what could go wrong? Well, try suggesting a bottle of rosé to a room full of wine snobs and you’ll get laughed out of the room just like I did. Honestly, the feeling of judgement was worse than what I experienced with my Pinot Grigio habit. I made the move to Sancerre just to avoid ordering Pinot Grigio. I blogged about it here.

But back to rosé. While many naysayers hold their opinion, it’s hard to deny that this lovely blush vino has made a comeback. It’s pretty much all over the place. Namely Bravo’s newest reality show sensation “Summer House.” They had rosé wine in every episode (clearly a sponsor) and these successful Montauk millennials were drinking it by and from the gazillion ounce bottle. You just have to check out this pic – it’s insane. This actually didn’t make a great case for my appreciation for rosé, but at least it indicated it was on trend.

And look at the rosé display at my favorite North Andover gift store, Rose and Dove. How fun – I love it!


rose wine display


Whispering Angel seems to be the rosé of choice around my parts. However, if I’m being honest, I find myself preferring rosés with a bit more color and flavor. I’ve noticed that the pinkest of pink rosés tend to lean a bit sweet and floral for my taste. If you can find one that boasts a slightly more orangey hue, you may find the flavor to be more satisfying.

I recently cracked open the featured bottle of Le Crema Rosé – notice the deeper pink tone. La Crema has long been a favorite of my chardonnay loving friends, so I figured they might have a good handle on their rosé. Not bad!

Call me girly, but there’s something about sipping on a pretty pink libation that makes me feel good.

So, what do you think? Is rosé wine classé or passé?


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5 years ago

Love this Beth! I’m not a wine drinker, but if I was, I’d drink any wine that tasted good with the food I was eating or in this case, looked cute with my outfit…kind of kidding but pretty pink drinks are fun! If the kids on Bravo are guzzling it and the Housewives are going bananas over it this oldest type of wine may have been the comeback kid! I agree with the comment above–NA Housewives are super trendy…cheers!

5 years ago

Interesting…I’ll give it a try this summer season.

5 years ago

Beth I think the Housewives of NA are trendier than you think. I can recall seeing and drinking lots of rose last summer. I definitely think it is a seasonal wine and I look forward to its return this summer. So maybe we started the trend before the “Summer House” kids. Great blog!!