What I Learned from My Fitbit

My Fitbit


Let me begin by saying, this really isn’t my Fitbit. It’s my fourteen-year old daughter’s. She requested it for Christmas. Against my better judgement, I got it for her. I should’ve known it would sit in a pile on her bureau. My Ally likes to collect things more than put them to good use. Regardless, the investment has not been wasted and I am now the happy owner of my very own Fitbit.

My Fitbit

Ally was kind enough to set me up with my own account and connected my Fitbit to my phone. Right away I was impressed that my “watch” was magically communicating with my iPhone. Oh how technology baffles me!

Like most fitness crazes I go through, this latest obsession was driven by pure necessity. I had, yet again, slipped into a bad pattern of too much eating and too little exercise. With Fitbit came knowledge and what I learned is – I’m not nearly as active as I thought. While it feels like I’m never standing still, my Fitbit tells me I don’t go very far. Well, not far enough to burn the calories necessary to offset my happy eating and drinking lifestyle.

10,000 Steps

According to my Fitbit, I should be taking 10,000 steps a day – that’s easier said than done. However, with the motivating messages that pop up on my Fitbit screen every hour or so, I’m reminded to get up and get moving. My Fitbit asks me to take it for a walk, it reminds me that it’s “step o’clock” and just now it told me it’s time to get rolling. Cute, clever, annoying – whatever you want to call it, the Fitbit is getting me going.

The psychology behind the Fitbit and why so many people use them is certainly not lost on me. When I see these encouraging messages, I can’t help but experience a wave of guilt. Not only do the messages make me painfully aware that I haven’t gotten off my butt in far too long, but I weirdly don’t want to disappoint my Fitbit. If, by the end of the day, I’m way off my goal, I drag myself out the door and go for a walk. This is unprecedented – I’m really not a night person.

The ultimate motivator comes when I’ve reached my goal and my wrist starts buzzing like a beehive. I look down to flashes of little fireworks and a message announcing that I’ve “crushed it.” Ten thousand steps and a total sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Thank you very much Fitbit!

Honestly, I’m not much for gadgets or tracking things, but having a better sense of my activity level throughout the day has been valuable. I’ve grown to like my Fitbit so much I might upgrade to another version with more features and a fun color.

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Jen K
5 years ago

I won one about 4 years ago and two years later started using it, until I lost it off my wrist. Grabbed my niece’s, that asked for it for a gift and never used it and lost that too. Slipped off the wrist. I loved it while I had it but unless the cheap plastic wrist band improves, can’t take the chance of loosing it again. Ugh!

5 years ago

Good for you👍

5 years ago

I received the first version of this device many years ago and didn’t like it. Since then, I’ve heard many people say how much they’ve benefited from theirs. Maybe it’s time to give it another try?