I Love my Dog: An Ode to Oscar the Grouch

Holding my dog Oscar
Oscar the Schnauzer – look at that face!


I love my dog! I really love him.  Is that weird?  I know my fellow dog lovers won’t think so. Dog love is hard to explain. It’s essentially the same kind of love you might have for a child because, let’s face it, our furry friends become our babies. But some will argue; they aren’t children, they’re dogs. I understand and I’m sure people who don’t share the same passion for pets probably think we, dog lovers, are nuts. But since Oscar came into my life, I can’t stop myself from coddling and spoiling him – for that I will not apologize.

We adopted Oscar when he was seven and now he’s ten.  I think the fact that he was older when we got him made me attend to him all the more. He’s my little old man and an easy dog too. Even Tony (my husband), who vehemently didn’t want a dog, reveres Sir Oscar. You know the story – man didn’t want dog, now dog is man’s best friend…

Tony says he wishes he were a dog; now seeing what a charmed life Oscar is living. Sleep, food, walk, love and attention – it’s all good.

We are a family obsessed. My girls’ devotion to him has not waned a bit since the day we got him, my sister is as in love with him as I am and, somehow, every conversation circles back to him.

The funny thing about Oscar is that while we adore him, pamper him and treat him like the regal king that he is, he seems generally irritated by all of us. He likes to do his own thing most of the time and when we frequently scurry around to hug him or pick him up, his expression of pure exacerbation cracks us up. We’re never offended, because his aloofness is part of his charm. He may be a wee standoffish, but he’s a sweet boy, so he lets us have time with him. If a dog could roll his eyes in utter annoyance, I know that’s exactly what Oscar would do.  Instead, he just gives us a minute and then frantically squirms until we are forced to let him out of our affectionate grasp.

The fact that Oscar is a little grouchy actually makes him even more endearing. It may be why I love my dog the most. In a way, it’s nice that he’s not jumping all over us, licking or demanding play time.  He’s just a mellow guy who we somehow got lucky enough to call our own.

So, if you ever see me baby-talking to my dog or fussing over his every need like he’s a toddler, don’t think me crazy, it’s just that I love my schnauzer -A lot!

kisses for my dog Oscar


I know I’m not alone. What do you love most about your pet?

TBT –  Check out my Merrimack Valley Magazine column about Oscar from September 2014 – Matters of Life & Beth.

Thank you Jen Killilea for the photos!

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[…] haven’t posted about my sweet boy lately and last Thursday marked our five-year anniversary with Oscar. He is now twelve years old. If you don’t already know, we rescued Oscar when he was seven, which […]

7 years ago

I couldn’t live with out my Pup.

7 years ago

Oscar is great! And the photos are wonderful.
P.S. I understand how you feel, It’s been five months since we got our Charlie and I can’t imagine my life without him. LOVE….

Sam Sandra Monroe
7 years ago

Oscar is a credit to his gender.

7 years ago

He’s such a cuddle bug! Love the photos!

7 years ago

I completely understand what you mean!! There is nothing like a dogs love and cuddles!! We are so in love with our babies too and can’t imagine life without them!! Great article Beth!!