Keeping Up with TV Texting – I Can’t!

binoculars to read TV texting
Bedpost Binoculars – The only way I can keep up with TV texting.

You’re probably wondering what the heck that photo is all about. Those are the mini-binoculars I use to read TV texting between actors that every show now seems to display with the apparent expectation that I can read that far away. My sister was over the other day and asked, “Why in the hairy heck do you have binoculars on your bedpost?” (yes, she really talks like that). It has become so normal to me that it didn’t occur to me that they do seem odd hanging there unless I’m some kind of Peeping Tom peering out my bedroom windows into the homes of neighbors. Rest assured – I am not.

Allow me to explain. My favorite thing to do is curl up in my bed at night to watch my shows. Lately, I’ve been challenged by the distance between me and my beloved television. I can see the characters just fine; however technology has, yet again, wreaked havoc on my happiness. Dialogue has been replaced with text exchanges or a stream of social media content at the bottom of the screen that apparently I’m supposed to be able to read from across the room. Newsflash BravoTV and all other networks, but let’s be honest, mostly Bravo – I can’t read TV texting between actors unless my nose is nearly pressed to the screen. It is so frustrating because I’m missing out on critical aspects of my shows when I can’t read the tiny print. Am I alone? Is anyone else having this problem?

Enter my mini-binoculars! It might sound ridiculous, but indeed they get the job done. I am now able to read text messages on screen and am back to being fully engaged in my shows. Hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Two shows that have been particularly challenging from keeping up with TV texting throughout the plot are House of Cards on Netflix and Younger on TVLand. TV people, enough already. Just go back to the good old spoke word. Please!

I hope this gave you as big a laugh as it did my sister.

Have a great weekend! Hippity Hop.

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Jen K
6 years ago

Maybe you’re not exactly the right demographic for Bravo shows…. just a thought. (ha-ha!)

6 years ago

Next stop….opera glasses!