Giardini di Sole – My Instagram Field Trip

An exquisite display
An exquisite display -photo by Emily O’Brien


When I started on Instagram, I had no idea what I was doing.  I began following a bunch of accounts with no rhyme or reason. I paid no attention to profiles or locations, I was simply attracted to pretty pictures.

I discovered Giardini di Sole and became obsessed with their gorgeous posts. I paused at every image and marveled at the color, brightness and interesting angles – kudos to their photographers. I’m pretty sure I now have a flatware fetish.


A look at Giardini di Sole on Instagram
A look at Giardini di Sole on Instagram


After countless stops and likes, I finally took the time to explore Giardini di Sole thoroughly and realized they are located in Boston. My immediate thought was that I must go there.

And last week I did! It was so satisfying to experience Giardini di Sole in person.

The very thing that drew me to Giardini di Sole on Instagram is what struck me when I walked into the store at 460 Harrison Avenue. It was the amazing color and uncluttered merchandising. Every plate, cup and saucer is perfectly placed to draw attention to its unique beauty and craftsmanship. The thoughtful presentation is so pleasing to the eye.


place setting at Giardini di Sole
Photo by Emily O’Brien


In store, I met with Libby Morris who shared the Giardini di Sole story… a partnership of four women with an affinity for Italian design and style. Read more about them here.  Their shared passion resulted in showrooms in Boston, Vancouver and an office in Rome.


Libby Morris and me!
Libby Morris and me! Photo by Emily O’Brien


Libby describes the store as a gallery, showroom and retail space in one. It was the perfect description, as everything on display reads like a work of art. In addition to tableware, home décor and accessories, Giardini di Sole also offers jewelry, bath and body products and even glazed lavastone by Flowstone for counter and table tops. The Flowstone bright and bold colors were fabulous! And future brides and grooms will love Giardini di Sole’s registry service.


flatware and artwork at Giardini di Sole
Forks, spoons and Cassandra Wainhouse art – Photos by Emily O’Brien


Thankfully I was joined by my friend, photographer Emily O’Brien, who captured the beautiful images in today’s post. Follow Emily on Instagram here for more of her great photos and here.

Thank you Libby and Emily for sharing in this fun collaboration.


colorful plates at Giardini di Sole
Photo by Emily O’Brien


The cool thing about visiting Giardini di Sole is that it exposed me to SoWa in Boston where I’d never been, but had heard many great things. The district is full of art galleries, retail shops and trendy restaurants. I cannot wait to go back for a SoWa First Friday or SoWa Open Market (Saturdays and Sundays starting April 29). At Open Market you can enjoy the galleries and shops as well as the Arts Market, Farmers Market, Food Truck Bazaar and Beer Garden.

Follow and fall in love with Giardini di Sole on Instagram and on Facebook. Stop into their SoWa location to experience a true essence of Italy.


I don't know what we are looking at, but I loved the portrait view of this shot.
I don’t know what we are looking at, but I love the portrait view of this shot. Photo by Emily O’Brien.
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7 years ago

Thank you to Beth Daigle, who considers herself a story teller, for seeking a narrative at Giardini di Sole. We at Giardini did not realise a thread of a storyline was in the making the minute we met … but, years later, our passion for all things beautiful, hand-made and genuine, our friendship, our love of life and family and friends, continues to inspire us. It is so gratifying that you were able to ‘spot our plot’ when you visited our shorwoom in SoWa, Boston. Come and visit us in Rome too!

7 years ago

Beth, love the article and I am intrigued for sure, especially after making a trip to Italy last year! Please keep me in mind when you venture back for the SoWa open market, would love to accompany you!

7 years ago
Reply to  Jill Romano

Would love that Jill. You’ll love the shop.

7 years ago

It was so wonderful to meet both you and Emily last week. Thank you for coming to the showroom and for featuring Giardini di Sole in today’s blog – Emily’s photos are wonderful and I love what you have written about GdS… of course!

7 years ago
Reply to  Libby Morris

It was my pleasure Libby. Great fun at a great shop!