Tray Chic – Cute and Customizable Serving Trays for Any Occasion

Tray Chic Martini tray

A few weeks ago, at the Shop ’Til You Drop event, I took some time to shop around a bit and stumbled upon a booth that immediately caught my eye.

The table was full of fun and unique decorative trays displayed in a variety of styles, colors and customizable designs.

My gaze immediately fell upon the martini tray shown above. “I have to have that,” I declared to my sister, Karla, and friend, Amy, who were shopping with me. They too loved the collection of servers and made some smart selections of their own. The beauty of the trays is that there’s one for anyone…lake lovers, sports fans, shell collectors, nautical enthusiasts, etc. – you name it, there’s a tray for you. Oddly, Karla, Amy and I all ended up with cocktail themed trays…interesting, no?

Tray Chic Lake house trayTray Chic Boston Celtics tray

Tray Chic

Sally Finnimore started Tray Chic in November of 2015. She was inspired by a project she’d seen on Pinterest. Her own tray was such a success that friends began requesting trays for themselves. The more Sally accommodated, the more requests came in and Tray Chic was born. I love Sally’s clever business name almost as much as I love her trays.

The trays are perfect as hostess gifts or housewarming gifts. They would also make great client gifts for realtors. Of course, the best gifts are the ones we give ourselves (like I did) and these trays are a nice way to add a little whimsy and character to any room in your home.


The trays come in several sizes – 5 x 7 (nice for jewelry), 8 x 10 (dresser) and 11 x 14 (standard) or custom and the handles and frame color can be custom chosen too. The decorative top is a piece of fabric secured under glass that can be swapped out with other pattern inserts of your choice.  I purchased a festive holiday alternative for my martini tray.

alternate fabric insert for Tray Chic tray

Where to Buy

Sally’s trays are on display at the Eighteen Friend Street gift shop in Amesbury, MA and the Deux Amis Boutique in Georgetown, MA. Also, look for her at the North Andover Farmer’s Market on Sunday, June 25st.

If you’d like to reach her for a custom order, do so through her Facebook page.


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6 years ago

Those are lovely! The art of entertaining is coming back I think and those are perfect for drinks, lunch or even tea. I guess I’m just old fashioned but I use one to present to company all the time.