Holy Crap! It’s August – the Summer That Got Away

butterfly taken this summer
Photo by Julia Daigle


This summer has been pretty nice. July and the first week of August were jam packed. Now suddenly it’s the second week of August and I’m faced with back to school talk and a keen awareness of evening light lost.

Between two local vacations, a kid-free week at home, an 80th birthday celebration for my dad and a variety of summer get-togethers, I seem to have completely lost track of this summer. I didn’t even realize that this Tuesday had come and gone and I never posted a blog.

But now, with my head on straight and a bit more clarity, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. Yes, there is still plenty of summer to enjoy, but I like the idea of easing into the chaos that is soon to come with two girls now in high-school.

Today’s photo comes to you courtesy of my oldest daughter, Julia. It was so pretty and fitting I asked to use it. The butterfly represents transformation and, in some way, I felt my entire household transformed over the summer. Both of my girls spread their beautiful wings and became dramatically more independent. Tony and I embraced it and did our own thing more than ever before.

Oddly, for us, one big moment this summer wasn’t really a moment at all. After weeks of anguish wondering if we’d ever get Julia’s driving school on-roads scheduled, she was able to successfully lock down her remaining dates. I swear, this feat rivaled scoring front row seats to a Taylor Swift concert or Hamilton.  Assuming all goes as planned, Julia will be a licensed driver by mid-October.

Ally seemed more excited about this than Julia. It’s clear she sees Julia taking over as her personal chauffer. Apparently, she desires later pick up times than Tony and I are able to accommodate with our “early” bedtimes.

As is always the case for me, I’m ready for fall – it’s my favorite season. However, this year, I’m sad to see summer end.


How has your summer been? What’s your summer highlight so far? Comment below!!!


Next Week

I am finally getting around to my book club review of “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty. Book club was yet another thing that got away from me this summer, but hopefully we can get back on track this fall. Gals of book club – let’s pick a new book! Any recommendations?


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6 years ago

Beautiful photo! Just like you, I’m sad to see summer end. 🙂 !!!

6 years ago

Welcome back, we’ve missed you

6 years ago

Beautiful photo! I’m also feeling a bit perplexed as to where summer has gone. In less than two weeks we’re taking our youngest to college and in less than three we’ll be empty nesters with our oldest starting his junior year. I feel melancholy!