Happy Tails Andover – Finding the right Groomer for Your Pet

Oscar following his groom from Happy Tails Andover
Isn’t he handsome!


Finding the Right Groomer

If you’ve got a dog that requires grooming, you know that finding a good groomer can be just as challenging as finding the perfect hairdresser.

Some dogs don’t require the same level of expertise when it comes to their cut, but schnauzers are a particular breed. They have specific grooming standards and on top of that, I am fussy. It is important to me that Oscar’s “look” match his fastidious personality. At one point, I thought I’d never find just the right groomer.

Happy Tails Andover

That is until I found Happy Tails Andover. I could not be happier with Oscar’s groomer, Amanda, and have recommended her to many of Oscar’s furry friends. This Tuesday I dropped Oscar off for a summer cut and his schnauzer friend Charlie was there getting primped at the same time. So cute!

Oscar and Amanda from Happy Tails Andover
Amanda is so sweet with Oscar and she gives him a pristine Schnauzer cut.


In addition to Amanda having mad skills when it comes to the specifics of Oscar’s skirt, beard and brows, the entire crew at Happy Tails Andover puts me at ease when I drop him off. Tina, the owner, is lovely and always accommodating when scheduling appointments. And Liz, who is often in the salon grooming other cuties when Oscar arrives, is an absolute doll.

If I’m being honest, Happy Tails Andover is my 7th groomer in the four years we’ve had Oscar. I’ve left the others for a litany of reasons including bad cuts, bad attitudes or bad handling. I recognize that I’m probably over the top when it comes to the perfect groomer for Oscar, but I’m glad I kept searching for just the right one because I am so happy with Happy Tails Andover.

The dogs days of summer have nothing on my schnauzer’s sleek summer cut! Thank you Amanda and all the folks at Happy Tails for putting an end to my search.

Blog on Break!

I can’t believe next week welcomes August! Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying the summer. The blog will be on break next week! I hope to see you back here on August 8th.

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Jen K
6 years ago

Yes, I too am very happy with Happy Tails. Their hours are so flexible including weekends. Miller always looks very sharp too after his grooming. In fact, just recommended them to my sister who recently added an Australian labor doodle to her family named Rosie.

6 years ago

Thank you Beth for recommending HappyTails! We all truly love what we do! I am so grateful to have two wonderful groomers! Oscar is always such a good boy when he comes in he is a pleasure for Amanda to groom!