Fun Finds at SoWa Open Market

Items purchased at SoWa Open Market
Neither of us could pass up the wooden detailing of the Fento sunglasses from Metro Man/Chic by Design Gifts. Tony also picked up the manly, hand-sewn flask while there. The cap is also his from NineFiveLtd – caps for a cause.


A Few Firsts

This summer has been full of firsts. First time I saw Jimmy Fallon at the Wolfeboro parade that we’ve both attended for years, first time both of my girls are working real jobs, first time in 16 years that both girls were simultaneously away for more than one night and first time I dragged Tony to a shopping event that he didn’t hate.

This past week welcomed my first kid-free staycation. Tony and I talked about going somewhere, but the ideas of just being home was even more appealing to me. It was our first real taste of life at home when both girls are off to college.

Of course I missed my girls, but I have to admit this was a really nice week.

Top of the ToDo List

As we looked for things to do, at top of my list was a trip into Boston to check out SoWa Open Market. I blogged about my Instagram Field Trip to Giardini Di Sole in SoWa a while back in which I express wanting to return to experience SoWa Open Market.

On Saturday, Tony and I did just that and it was awesome. Weather-wise is was a lovely day and when we got to our destination the scene was lively, but nicely not overcrowded.  We learned that Saturday is the quieter of the two Open Market days. If you are looking for more vendors, more food trucks and more of a crowd, Sunday is the day to go.

SoWa Open Market

If you haven’t heard much about SoWa and the Open Market here’s what you should know. SoWa stands for South of Washington and on any day, it’s a fabulous art and design district in Boston’s popular South End. The resident art galleries, boutiques and restaurants offer an eclectic mix of experiences for your eyes, taste buds and wallet.

SoWa Open Market further adds to the area’s fun and fine flavor when every Saturday and Sunday from April 29-October 29, a slew of artisans, farmers, brewers and musicians tent up outside for a cool and distinctive festival experience. Food trucks round out the hip scene.

Everything about our day trip was enjoyable, interesting and tasty. Neither Tony or I had eaten from a food truck and I was all in to give it a try. Tony, not so much. “Come on,” I said, “Get with it!” I watch enough Food Network to know that food trucks are where it’s at. No sooner was I enjoying my Vietnamese vegetarian dumplings from the Saté Grill truck than Tony’s reluctance weakened and he was cozied up to the NEOTB (North East of the Border) Taco Truck followed by a box meal of really yummy Korean bulgogi beef and a crispy veggie roll back at the Saté truck.


SoWa Vendors

Finally, Tony and I were also impressed with the SoWa market vendors whose wares we’d be unlikely to find elsewhere. So many unique items caught our attention and Tony actually walked away with more purchases than I did.


I just had to share a close up of the wooden rims of my sunglasses. Check out the cork case too – good stuff.


I’m looking forward my next trip in to SoWa Open Market. It’s the perfect, non-touristy, outdoor city experience when you are looking for something artsy, unusual and unique. Tony’s last words…”I loved that!”

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Jen K
6 years ago

This has been on my list, I’m going to make it happen this summer. Thanks for the reminder. I hear really good things!

6 years ago

Thanks for that info about SoWa, sounds like fun. My husband and I will give it a try.