Living With Intention – Maureen Magauran, M.D.

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Maureen Magauran, M.D. for several years. I first featured her home in an article I wrote on Feng Shui. Later, I called on Maureen for an article I wrote on alternative medicine. Her unique approach to treating anxiety and depression with meditation and non-medicinal therapies was compelling.

Although a board-certified physician, with the ability to prescribe medication, Maureen reserves that option for only those cases that truly require it.  Otherwise, Maureen fully supports a holistic approach. I love this and admire her integrity.

Living With Intention

Recently Maureen invited me to her free talk about Living With Intention and I was thrilled to be able to make it. I brought along a friend and together we enjoyed Maureen’s insights on how to live life fully and with purpose.

Anyone who knows me knows I love stuff like this. Just the reminder to tune into what I’m doing in life is enough to help me reset my routine in a thoughtful way. So often we are caught up in the mad rush and we lose sight of what’s important. Maureen’s talk gave me pause and got me thinking about where I’m going and what I want to do in life.

Maureen shared how the sudden loss of her youngest sister personally set her on this path to answer the question, “What am I doing here?”

My favorite exercise in the talk was when Maureen challenged each of us to write down our response to the question, “If you had two weeks to live, what would you do?” Wow, that really hit me. I’d never thought about my own mortality in such a specific, make a list, kind of way. Getting started was a little uncomfortable at first, but once I wrote one thing down, the answers kept flowing.

I’m glad to have attended Maureen’s talk. Living With Intention is something I’m excited to pay closer attention to.

To read more about the talk I attended, and other great posts, check out Maureen’s Blog Page here. And, enjoy Maureen’s FREE Stress-Less 7 Day Challenge here.

Who couldn’t benefit from a little less stress in their life?

Maureen Magauran, M.D.


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