Peabody Essex Museum – Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

Pink velour booty at Peabody Essex Museum
Pretty in Pink 1: Everything about these make me want to put them on.


Down to the wire…I finally snuck in a visit to this shoe exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum, just a week prior to its close on March 12th. I am so glad I did.  Shoes are my weakness.  I love them in all shapes, sizes, heel heights and colors. It always amazes me how my shoe choice can transform how I see myself and feel in an outfit.

Not long ago, I attended and posted about the Killer Heels exhibit at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. Whether Shoes: Pleasure and Pain at the Peabody Essex Museum was similar or different, didn’t matter – I wanted to see it.

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain


Pink Louboutin pumps at Peabody Essex Museum
Pretty in Pink 2 – Pink Louboutins – enough said.


So yesterday, I made my way to Salem, MA (I thought the venue was in Peabody – Oops!) and enjoyed an afternoon full of footwear. There were over 300 pairs of shoes to peruse.  From vintage to contemporary, I loved every minute of this visual pleasure. And while the exhibit was named Pleasure and Pain, there was no pain for me.

A variety of artistic shoes and a shoe case at the Peabody Essex Museum
Elegant and unbelievable shoes and a shoe case dreams are made of.


When I saw a local realtor, whose face I’ve seen on countless FOR SALE signs, featured at this exhibit for her closet and collection, I tingled with excitement. Shoe heaven was closer than I thought.


Andover Realtor, Lillian Montalto and her closet full of nearly 3000 shoes!!! I'm in awe.
Andover Realtor, Lillian Montalto and her closet full of nearly 3000 shoes!!! I’m in awe.



If you want to see this display of greatness, be sure to find time between now and Sunday.  I’m sorry I didn’t get the word out to you sooner, but better late than never and you still have time.


Black and white outfit with shoes on red backdrop, colorful heels, pink Manolo Blahniks and black and white Chanel. A quote from exhibit curator at the Peabody Essex Museum
Top: Bold color in shoes and clothes. Bottom: Manolo Blahnik and Chanel – Love!


Museum Passes

Also, if you go, be sure to check your local library for museum passes.  I didn’t think to do this until my librarian extraordinaire sister, suggested it – Thank you Kiki.  With my pass, I received an $8 discount on two adult tickets regularly priced at $20.  Not bad! And children under 17 were admitted free of charge.  Julia and Ally came along and got a good look at what it means to have a shoe obsession.


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6 years ago

Time to go shoe shopping!!! I’m inspired!

6 years ago

I really enjoyed the exhibit and I agree with Lillian Montalto that “shoes can make you happy and strong and sensuous”. I think the PEM has some very interesting exhibits and Salem is a fun place to visit (in the warmer weather!)