Stitch Fix Second Chances – My New Online Wardrobe Stylist

Thank you to my good friend, Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs, for styling this shot for me.
Thank you to my good friend, Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs, for styling this shot for me.


I’ve known about Stitch Fix for a while. My friend Maureen (Hi Mo!) has been using the service for a long time. The idea intrigued me, but I didn’t give it a try until last year when my sister, Karla, and I decided to try it together. I was pretty excited and liked the idea of having an online wardrobe stylist because 1) I needed clothes and 2) It allowed me to make choices without a salesperson hovering over me. I do like to shop, but I tend to go for specific items and rarely deviate from my basic style. My wardrobe was/is unbearably boring.

My First Fix

Enter Stitch Fix – my new online wardrobe stylist. If I’m being totally honest, my first Fix was a disaster. The note from my stylist was addressed to the wrong name and the clothing didn’t suit me at all.

To be fair, the style profile I set up may have been a little confusing and I didn’t set up a Pinterest board like they strongly suggest. My initial reaction was to give up, which I did for about a year. Meanwhile, Karla was getting Fix after Fix full of great clothes. Her online wardrobe stylist, ErikaK, had her look down and I was jealous.

My Second Fix

After much encouragement, really relentless pushing, Karla convinced me to give it another try. I requested her stylist and got a really good Fix.

The thing about having an online wardrobe stylist is that you have to be a little flexible. While there were items in this fix that I didn’t need, or weren’t what I would have selected for myself, I kept all five items because if you do that you get 25 percent off the total cost. This is in addition to the $20 service fee deducted from whatever purchase you make.

The cute handbag, shown, is very close to one I have, so I gave that to Karla. The navy striped sweater is also similar to one I have, but I kept it because it’s longer, softer and has a great zipper detail in the back which opens to a cool, sheer panel.


FullSizeRender 3


The army green jacket was a keeper by my standards and my girls and even though the pink pants and print button down shirt are not things I would typically buy, I’m glad I kept them. I desperately need to mix up my look and try styles, colors and patterns that I normally wouldn’t. Having someone else make choices for me is fun and prevents me from coming home from the mall with all of the same old styles.

When I finalized my order for this Fix, I was able to send a note for each piece detailing what I liked and didn’t about each one. According to Karla, this is a great way to provide your stylist with more information about your specific likes and dislikes.

So, as I wait for my next Fix, I’m again excited about having an online wardrobe stylist.

Good to know…

You can specify the price range you are willing to spend in all categories – pants, tops, accessories, etc .  You can let them know what you don’t want (i.e. jewelry and handbags) and you can request outfits for special occasions. They send you picture cards for each item in your fix with outfit suggestions – I love this! If you decide to return everything from a Fix you still pay the $20 service fee.


outfit cards from my Stitch Fix online wardrobe stylist
Outfit suggestions


Check out  Stitch Fix to learn more.

Outtake – Thank you Lysa!

Check her out this Friday at the WOW, Winning Opportunities for Women, 21st Annual Conference at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA. She’ll be talking fashion and style.


Here's my girl, Lysa, laying down this look! Thank you my friend. Yes, I stood on a ladder to get this shot.
Here’s my girl, Lysa, laying down this look! Thank you my friend. Yes, I stood on a ladder to get this shot.


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Ernie greenslade
7 years ago

We are so excited to have Lysa offering style advice at this year’s WOW Conference; she is so much fun and I know the crowd will love her! And thank you for explaining Stitch Fix which has been popping up on my facebook feed but I had no idea what it was!

Maureen Symon
7 years ago

Glad you tried it again! It is something to look forward to and fun to open (when they have your right name!) My fix this month was a pretty good one, too!

7 years ago

Love receiving my fix every month!

7 years ago

Good Morning,
OK, I am going to try this!! I have no time to shop and , like the “old you”, I am tired of coming home with the same old thing!
Thanks for the push!!