UPDATE: Shop Til You Drop 2017 on May 18th

I hope to see you there! Come check out my chocolate olives!


The North Andover Women’s Club is hosting their 2nd annual Shop Til You Drop Event on Thursday, May 18th 2017 at The Stevens Estate, 723 Osgood St., North Andover, MA from 5-9pm. Cost of admission is only $5 and the evening will feature over 50 artisans, craftspeople and local businesses.  Join us for a fun night of shopping to benefit North Andover Veterans Services and the North Andover Women’s Club Scholarship Fund.

Please enjoy today’s repost of the good times and great wares from last year’s event.

Shop Til You Drop 2016

Beth Daigle for 3 Olives & a Twist at shop til you drop event


Last night I took part in my first event showcasing 3 Olives & a Twist. The North Andover Women’s Club put on a spectacular Shop Til You Drop night at The Stevens Estate that buzzed with over 60 vendors and hundreds of eager shoppers.

It was so much fun! The energy in the historic mansion was electric. Conversation flowed while information was shared and wares sold.

Representing 3 Olives & a Twist at Shop Til You Drop

My goal was to spread the word about 3 Olives & a Twist and with my oversized poster, iPad, flyers, business cards, and yes; color-coordinated outfit, I did just that. Guests were intrigued with the blog, but my jumbo martini glass filled with olive candy also caught a lot of attention. I encouraged guests to try and while some wished they were real olives, most were pleased with the chocolate covered almonds disguised as my favorite martini garnish. I promised to share my olive candy source – drum roll please…Oh! Nuts, purveyor of quality nuts, dried fruit, candy and chocolate delivered on my surprise, sweet treat. Note: Shop local – Dottie’s Delights in North Andover would be happy to procure these for anyone interested.

Along with candy olives, I shared the point of my lifestyle blog which is to let readers in on some of the cool, fun and fabulous people, places and experiences I’ve had the good fortune to come across. I love nothing more than to talk up a good thing. With that in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy this photo essay of just a few of the fine businesses I encountered at last night’s Shop Til You Drop extravaganza…I wish I had room for them all.

A look at the evening…


Art by Chongson Scott (603) 912-5108, ScottsinNH@Comcast.net
Art by Chongson Scott (603) 912-5108, ScottsinNH@Comcast.net


Artist, Chongson Scott - Shop til You Drop vendor
Artist, Chongson Scott – Colors of Strength (603) 912-5108, ScottsinNH@Comcast.net


Dragonfly art by Beth Jensen - Fine Art Paintings & Prints
Dragonfly art by Beth Jensen – Fine Art Paintings & Prints. beth_e_jensen@yahoo.com (978) 604-7642


Artist Beth Jensen - Fine Art Paintings & Prints
Artist, Beth Jensen – Fine Art Paintings & Prints. Beth_e_jensen@yahoo.com (978) 604-7642


Handcrafted leather bracelets by Dan Jacavanco - Jacavanco Studios
Handcrafted leather bracelets by Dan Jacavanco -JacavancoStudios.com, Lawrence, MA. (978) 238-1555.


Handcrafted leather belts by Dan Jacavanco - Jacavanco Studios
Handcrafted leather belts with a pop of turquoise by Dan Jacavanco – JacavancoStudios.com, Lawrence, MA. (978) 238-1555.


Floral display by Piccirillo Design
Floral display by Piccirillo Design, Interior Design, Wilmington, MA gpiccirillo217@comcast.net, (978) 761-0823


Kim Mollica, Arbonne Consultant
The lovely Kim Mollica, Arbonne Consultant and NAWC member – Find her on Facebook.


Others who attended Shop Til You Drop: Rose & Dove Gifts, Gunther’s Goodies!, Vintage Vault and Peach.

Thank You!

To all who came out for Shop Til You Drop,  thank you for your support and a wonderful night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Congratulations North Andover Women’s Club – the night was a huge success!

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New on the Blog – A Few Twists at 3 Olives & a Twist


3 olives & a twist Pinterest board
Some of the things I love on Pinterest! Look at those Schnauzer slippers!!


Hi Everyone! I hope you’re having a great week.  I feel like I’m not quite back in the swing of things since my little trip to California. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I think a touch of holiday anxiety might be holding me back. I’m admittedly freaked out that Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially December.

Holy cow! How did that happen? OK, deep breath, it’s all good – everything that needs to get done will get done. Sure, I’ll just keep telling myself that.

Our tree is up but not decorated, pumpkins are still on the porch, a Christmas card photo has yet to be taken and please don’t even ask me about presents – that will get done the week before Christmas, just like it always does. Try as I might, there really is no escaping the crazy that is Christmas season. Add to that, some changes at 3 Olives & a Twist and my head is spinning. I might as well have some fun with it, so I’ll just pour my favorite martini and spin away right into 2017.

Since March 2016, when 3 Olives & a Twist first launched, I’ve been having so much fun writing posts, taking pictures, meeting people and getting out into the world in a way I’ve never done before.  The more I work on the blog, the more engrossed in it I become. So recently I made some updates I’d like to share with you.

New On the Blog: More Conversation

3 Olives & a Twist is all about conversation and I love reading your comments. Up until now, my responses have only been viewable on the blog.  If you made a comment, you’d have to return to the blog to see my response. I’m guessing you’ re all probably too busy for that; so now you can opt in to receive email notifications when I reply to your comment or a new comment is posted. I’m so happy to have this option and hope that you’ll opt in so that, together, we can keep the conversation going.

new blog feature - comment notifications
Be sure to opt in for comment notifications so that I can talk back to you.


Also New… I’m on Pinterest!

3 Olives & a Twist is now on Pinterest. You can check out my boards and pin my blog posts to your own Pinterest boards. To do so, just look for the little [icon name=”pinterest” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] at the bottom of each post and share away! Today’s featured image is a sneak peak at some of the boards I’ve created in Pinterest so far, but I’ve got some work to do and could sure use some help. What types of boards do you like to see on Pinterest? What favorite boards have you created? Follow me there and I’ll follow you back to get some fun, new ideas for 3 Olives & a Twist on Pinterest.

Finally, New Ad Opportunities

I’m excited to report that I have begun partnering with owners of local businesses to spread the word about the great things they are doing, and the significant value they lend to our communities. I will not only be posting about businesses and products I genuinely believe in, but I will also be sharing space on my blog for small ads that directly link to these businesses’ sites. Give one a click and you can see for yourself all they have to offer.

Stay tuned next week for a post on a wonderful gift and home décor shop in Andover, MA – Helen Thomas Simply Smashing.

I hope you’ll enjoy these updates that are new to the blog, and I would love to hear from YOU. What would you like to see on the blog? Are there topics you’d be interested in reading about? Let me know!

See you back on Monday – Have a great weekend.

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Radio Rookie on Eagle News Radio

Lysa Pelletier, Beth Daigle, Leslie Buresh, Lou Blasi at Eagle News Radio station
Lysa and I gear up for the show with the clock radio she brought in to listen to in the “Green Room.” She’s a Vintage Vixen! A selfie with Lysa and Leslie. Ready to roll! Lou, Lysa and Leslie – where the magic happens.


Hanging with the Valley Girls

I had a smile on my face all afternoon on Tuesday. I kept thinking about my morning and how giddy I was to have done something I’d always wanted to do. It didn’t hurt that it happened with one of the funniest women I know. I’ve known Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs for about 10 years. She’s a talented fashion and product stylist and we’ve always wanted to work together. It took us about 9 years, but it finally happened when Lysa joined the team at Merrimack Valley Magazine. Working on editorial was fun, but sitting in as Lysa’s guest on her new radio show took it to an entirely new level.

Lysa and her life-long friend, Leslie Buresh, are the “Valley Girls” at WCCM 1110 Eagle News Radio airing Tuesday’s at 11:00 a.m. They, along with producer Lou Blasi, create a talk show that makes good on the station’s claim as “The Conversation Station.” These ladies know how to talk.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years,” Lysa shared about why she ventured into radio. “I figured radio would be easier than TV (no hair and make-up and I don’t have to hold in my stomach) and I love talking with talented, funny, inspirational people.

I was thrilled to be a “Valley Girl” guest. I’d get to see what goes on behind a broadcast and tell the Eagle News Radio 1110am audience all about 3 Olives & a Twist – Yay me! I just hoped others wouldn’t hate the sound of my voice as much as I do.

Inside the Eagle News Radio Studio

The radio booth was exactly as I imagined it; an intimate space with classic looking microphones, headsets and a control center that Lou manned like the seasoned pro that he is.

Eagle News Radio station studio
Quiet when entering the sound booth! Foam soundproofing is functional and aesthetically appealing. My headset, mic and the heart rock Lysa gave me from Ogunquit beach.


I wasn’t nervous, although I thought I should be. I’m a writer after all – there’d be no delete or backspace on my words this time. Lysa and Leslie, however, kept the conversation flowing with ease. And as I always do with Lysa, I giggled at her endless humor. She’s one of those magnetic people that promotes positivity and laughter. In fact, laughter is a tie that bonds Lysa and Leslie.

“Lysa and I’ve been friends for eva,” says Leslie in her signature “Valley Girl” accent. “Since high school we’ve always had a blast. Over the past 5 years, our boys went to high school and played basketball together – we saw each other all the time. Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away in October – Lysa was there for us and especially me. She makes me laugh and I make her laugh. So when she asked, how could I not join her on the airways! She’s my best friend–she makes me want to dream again. I’m not quite there; but soon, hopefully, I will dream big for myself and that would make Lysa soooo happy.”

Leslie’s touching words made me even happier that I’d tried something new with such fabulous people. It was so much fun and I hope the folks listening enjoyed it as much as I did. Whenever we got our first caller, Ernie, I almost jumped off my seat. I hope our dating advice gets him a gal!

Lysa was as happy with the show as I was. “Yesterday’s show was EXACTLY what I dreamed it would be,” she said. “Hanging with my bestie (and Lou of course) and having a wonderful guest that I could share with the world (or at least Merrimack Valley).”

Awww, thanks Lysa! The entire experience was hilarious and exciting. If you missed it, here’s the podcast link to my first ever radio spot.

The Podcast – In case you missed it…


Valley Girls 7-5-16, Click Here To Listen

Jump to minute 2:01 for the show’s start and minute 14:15 for my first words.

Thank you Lysa, Leslie, Lou and all the Eagle News Radio listeners for an awesome opportunity!

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