Unique Jewelry and Accessories by Stella and Dot

Necklaces by Stella and Dot
Statement and simple necklaces. Silver, gold and rose gold.


I love bling! At one point when my girls were little, my motto was “Everything’s Better with Glitter.” I’m pretty sure I wrote that on a chalkboard in our entryway for all the world to see. Interestingly, I’m not much of a jewelry wearer.  I love admiring all types of unique jewelry on other people, in store windows and in catalogs, but more often than not; you’ll find me sporting my wedding rings, a pair of earrings and not much else.

Unique Jewelry by Stella and Dot

That is, until I discovered Stella and Dot. Several years ago, a friend invited me to a Stella and Dot trunk show at her house. I was happy to support her event not only because I had heard good things about the unique jewelry line, but also because I’m very comfortable getting my shop on; no matter where I am. I never worry whether or not I’ll find something I like. I just go, have fun and nine times out of ten, I walk away with something I love. OK, who’s kidding who? Ten times out of ten, but really who’s counting? Hopefully not Tony.

Needless to say, finding something at my first Stella and Dot party was a non-issue because there were many shiny, pretty things that caught my eye. Add to that a reasonable price point and I was pleasantly impressed. What I most liked about shopping Stella and Dot’s jewelry collection was the wide variety of choices. There were many delicate options I could see myself wearing on a day to day basis, as well as dramatic, statement pieces ideal for a night out. Seeing that I don’t accessorize with jewelry as often as I’d like, I found myself drawn to the daintier, more subdued selections.

Silver and gold loop necklace by Stella and Dot
The Infinity necklace – my favorite

This simple, gold and silver Eternity Necklace was the first Stella and Dot piece I purchased and I absolutely love it. For $59 I have well-worn my money’s worth for that purchase.

More Favorites

Here’s a look at a few more favorites from my personal Stella and Dot collection. While not all of these are still available, there are many similar items from which to choose. I should mention that the gold Bridge Bracelet (shown and still available) was purchased for my oldest daughter. I thought it was the perfect blend of simple sophistication and funky flair. For $44 it made a great gift. One that has found its way onto my wrist more times than it’s been on Julia’s. Sorry kiddo!  I just love that cool chain. And it can be detached if you’d rather wear the bracelet on its own, but I never do. Many of the Stella and Dot pieces are versatile and can be worn several ways. I love that flexibility.

My own unique jewelry and bag by Stella and Dot
My Stella and Dot Collection


Jewelry and Beyond

While I initially thought Stella and Dot was just about unique jewelry, I now know they also offer a great selection of sunglasses, stylish bags, scarves and more.

Stella and Dot Miramar and Parke sunglasses
Miramar sunglasses in blonde, $119 and Parker sunglasses in black tortoise, $129
Stella and Dot clutch and faux fur scarf
Reversible Crossover Scarf, $69 and All in Pouch, $36

New to Stella and Dot

Also new to Stella and Dot, as of September 2016, is their Covet line featuring real diamonds, 14k gold and fine leather accessories.

Unique jewelry from Stella and Dot's Covet line.
Selections from Stella and Dot’s newest Covet line.


Where and How to Buy

There are so many great looks at Stella and Dot, I could go on and on about the quality pieces I have and the ones I plan to buy. And while I’ve made my purchases at trunk shows hosted by friends, that’s not the only way to buy. You can also shop online through a Stella and Dot stylist. Michelle Simoes is my personal stylist, StellaDot.com/MichelleSimoes, and is happy to answer any questions you may have or talk to you about hosting a trunk show or becoming a stylist yourself.

Whether you already know Stella and Dot or are new to brand, be sure to check out what’s new in bling, baubles, bracelets and more this holiday season.

Michelle Simoes, Personal Stylist, www.StellaDot.com/michelleSimoes, 617-470-4226, MichelleSimoes0507@gmail.com.

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6 years ago

I love your attitude about just going to events to have fun! And these pictures of the Stella and Dot pieces are awesome! I love the jewelry too and I know that Michelle Simoes loves being a personal stylist! Thanks for writing this blog! Ps.love your logo