Merrimack Valley Home

Beth was Editor for Merrimack Valley Home Magazine from 2013-2016. She aimed to show her readers a sophisticated mix of homes in varying shapes, styles and sizes. The stories in Merrimack Valley Home are informative, inspiring, useful and entertaining.

Beth collaboratedwith the creative director, the editorial team, writers and photographers on story angle, content, flow, photography, design and layout.

Fall 2016

Fashion Meets Furniture

Fall 2015

Letter from the Editor – Feeling Inspired

Celebrity Designer – Taniya Nayak

Spring 2015

Letter from the Editor – A Fresh Start

The Language of Flowers

A Sublime Setting

Spring 2014

Modern Family

Fall 2014

Letter from the Editor – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Home Bitz-Cozy Throws

Home Bitz-Table Manners