Fall TV … Watcha Watchin’?

Fall TV Preview from Entertainment Weekly

Last week was great. Yes, the crisp, cool weather had something to do with it, but really it was because fall TV kicked off and I was so happy to see the return of some of my favorite shows.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to what I watch. Sitcoms and light-weight dramas that don’t focus on crime, adultery and murder are my favs. Sorry, no “How to Get Away with Murder” for me.

Last week presented the return of some old favorites as well as one new show that I’d been anxiously awaiting. Now that I’m nearly 100 percent “Housewives” free, I have so much time to dedicate to new programming.  Sorry “Housewives,” but as of this moment all franchises have been deleted from my DVR. Your manufactured fights, insincere meltdowns and fake friendships are just too much, even for me. I am done with all of you! Well, except for New York, because I just can’t shake Bethenny, Ramona and the Countess as much as they annoy me and they are on break until next year anyway.

So, what am I watching? Here’s my fall TV breakdown so far.

Fall TV – Oldies but Goodies

Modern Family, ABC – It makes me so sad to say that I’ve lost interest in this show. It’s been happening pretty steadily over the last few seasons, but I have to admit that I don’t even remember what last week’s episode was about. I think the folks at “Modern Family” should seriously consider their exit strategy. The plots are predictable and the acting is stilted. It’s as if they are performing a play where only one actor can speak at a time. The flow and comedic timing of this show is gone. Boohoo.

Black-ish, ABC – This show has only been around since 2014. I’ve liked the interplay of all of the family members, including grandparents (Laurence Fishburne plays Pops). However, this season opener seemed a little disjointed. Maybe it’s because they took the family out of the home and plopped them into Disney World or maybe it’s because they are trying to add to the family fun with a baby on the way –I don’t know, but it seemed forced and unfunny. I think I dozed off half way through – never a good sign.

The Goldbergs, ABCI love “The Goldbergs” and while my sister said she didn’t enjoy this fall’s, ode to “The Breakfast Club,” premiere I must say I found myself giggling all the way through. I realize that my fondness for this show has to do with my own affinity for the 1980s. While many love to hate that era, I look back on it affectionately and appreciate the show’s talent at bringing it all back to life. Still a fan.

Grey’s Anatomy, ABCI have watched this show religiously since it began and I cannot believe I still enjoy it in its 13th season. But I do! The start of season 13 took off running with a major focus on Dr. Alex Karev. Thank you Shonda Rhimes! He’s always been one of my favorite characters and I don’t know about you, but I think he looks better than ever. It’s sad that he beat one of his fellow doctors to a pulp, but I’m still glad to see him back at center stage. The writers also threw in a few romance and relationship twists that I think should be just enough to make this a lucky season 13.

Fall TV – New

This Is Us, NBC – I finally broke away from ABC to give NBC’s, highly publicized drama, “This Is Us,” a look.  I had a good feeling about this from the moment I saw the trailer. Maybe it was the great music or maybe it was the Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia coupling that caught my interest. Either way, I like it. I will say that the plot twist at the end of the episode led me to believe that the opening scene was a bit deceiving in terms of setting and time period, but I won’t hold that against them.  Did anyone else catch what I’m talking about?

Fall TV – Not Yet Watched

Kevin Can Wait, CBS – I love Kevin James and hope this is as good as he is, but I’m skeptical. It’ll be hard to outdo the “King of Queens” and his super successful movie career.

Speechless, ABC – I read that Minnie Driver gives a good performance in this matriarchal comedy; but I feel like she might be playing a similar role to the one in the short-lived “About a Boy.” I’ll give it a look, but don’t have high hopes.

Man with a Plan, CBS – Oh Joey, I hope this is good.  Matt Leblanc returns in this American sitcom playing Mr. Mom of all things. I really have a bad feeling about this and I hate to see the guys from “Friends” trying so hard to make a come-back. I’m sorry, but Matthew Perry in “The Odd Couple” is painful to watch, yet it’s coming back for a third season.

I’m hoping for a few surprises in my fall TV “Not Yet Watched” category…fingers crossed.

What are you watching and what shouldn’t I miss? For more TV commentary from 3Olives & a Twist, follow me on Twitter @3OlivesnaTwist.

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6 years ago

Sadly I have felt the same way about Modern Family 🙁 It used to be my favorite thing on network TV, and it’s gotten harder and harder to watch. I can’t wait to try This Is Us though!!!
And I can’t lie, I’m sad now that RHONY is done for the season…

6 years ago

I totally agree with your assessment of Modern Family and Blackish. Modern Family acting, as you said, is way too stilted and trying too hard to be slapstick. Having just watched a few early season reruns, I can say that characters Alex and Luke Dunphy have not aged well. Once cute Nolan Gould (Luke) is now annoying; seems like he’s always shouting his lines. And speaking of shouting his lines…Anthony Anderson (Dre Johnson) in Blackish, is equally as annoying. What looks promising?… Check out Designated Survivor, Wednesday nights on ABC. I’ve always been a Kiefer Sutherland fan and the premise… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Heather

Love this Heather – Thanks for the input. I have my eye on Designated Survivor too. I will definitely give it a look.