Frayed Denim – Break Out Your Scissors and Get the Look

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for months, since my friend and fashion stylist, Lysa Pelletier-Gibbs, turned me on to the idea.

She gave me the courage to take a pair of scissors to almost every pair of jeans I have in an effort to update my look. Lysa is fearless when it comes to “making your wardrobe work for you.” She’s cut everything from jeans to shirt sleeves to necklines to get the look she’s going for.

The good news was, I had a lot of options. Like with shoes, I have trouble getting rid of my old jeans. I have far more than I ever wear and some are so ridiculously dated, they are better suited for Halloween costumes than anything I’d ever wear in public.

But huzzah, my hoarding ways paid off. Some of these jeans can be worn again with one minor adjustment. Cut the hems! There’s no escaping that frayed denim is in. While some varieties go too far for my taste in the way of distressing, I do love the look of frayed denim when it comes to the jean’s hem.

It’s so simple – no more cuffing, scrunching or pegging (lol, remember that from the 80s?). Now you can cut your jeans to the perfect length and achieve the frayed denim look to just the right degree.

The perfect length is important to me because jeans that are too long make me look sloppy. Those too short make my already short legs look even stumpier. Now, I can achieve my perfect length in just a few steps. I have done this with both skinny jeans and old boot leg jeans and have created some great new options. Check out all of the fun angles you can try…

frayed denim hem options

The Frayed Denim Hem

Step 1

Start slow and take a sharp pair of scissors to your hem. Try them on. Not short enough? Cut a little more. Just be careful you don’t go too far or you’ll have yourself a nice pair of cut-off shorts. That’s definitely not what we are going for here.

Step 2

Once you are happy with the length, toss those bad boys in the wash. Only then will the fray appear giving you that trendy, undone look that is so hot right now. The more you wash the more frayed they’ll become. Too frayed? Just clean them up with your trusty scissors.

Step 3

Wear your newly styled jean with a fun pair of shoes and give yourself a pat on the back. Job well done! You’ve just earned yourself a new look and repurposed what was likely a perfectly good pair of jeans that just needed a little update.

This was my simplistic version of this hem hack, but check out this post from POPSUGAR for a bit more detail – How to Cut Your Jeans.


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Can’t Stop & The Tewksbury Book Festival

Location: The Meeting Room of Tewksbury Public Library 300 Chandler Street, Tewksbury, MA, 01876

Can’t Stop Thinking

When I began typing this post, the title Can’t Stop was meant to convey…can’t stop thinking about the events of the past few days. I am still in shock that my town and nearby Lawrence and Andover went through such a crazy and frightening incident. When the commotion began on Thursday, I was in the car with Ally driving her to a tutoring session in Andover. Suddenly, Ally began seeing all of the alerts on her phone. “Mom, there are gas explosions happening all over town,” she said. Not until I was stopped in traffic at the North Andover Common, with emergency vehicles flying by from every direction, did I know something very serious was happening.

Here’s the weird thing – my immediate reaction was to say, “Ally, I’m taking you home.” The problem was, for many, home was the problem. My neighborhood does not use gas and therefore I felt comfortable going to my “safe place.” However, I couldn’t escape the feeling that I didn’t really know what was going on. I wasn’t sure if, in fact, being at home was the best place to be.

With many friends still without gas, and one whose home was severely damaged by fire, I feel stuck. Stuck in a daze of concern, confusion and questions. I can’t stop thinking about how to proceed from here. The uncertainty of something like this can be crippling. I feel helpless and consumed with worry. I used to worry about the dangers we face when we walk out the door into this crazy world. Now, I can’t stop thinking about the dangers within.

Can’t Stop Living Life

With no good answer I, like many, are forging ahead. It feels strange to go about business as usual, but like I was recently advised, you can’t stop living life. Sadly, there many scary things we must face in life and I am reminded that we can’t live in fear. I so wish that came easier for me.

So today, I am here for those in my area who need anything. Meanwhile Andover, North Andover and Lawrence continue to get back on their feet. I will move forward with as much positivity as I can muster and carry on. That said, please see the details of Tewksbury’s upcoming Book Festival. Consider joining me and many other local authors in sharing our stories. Location: The Meeting Room of Tewksbury Public Library 300 Chandler Street, Tewksbury, MA, 01876.


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Fall TV – Whatcha Watchin’?

fall tv graphic

Before getting into my favorite subject, I’d like to thank the folks at the 2018 Andover Greek Festival. What a fabulous event! I so enjoyed sharing Musing Mediterranean with the attendees. And to the little girl (maybe 11 or 12) who asked so many great questions about my book and came back with her own money to buy it, you absolutely made my day! Keep reading and writing – you are MY inspiration.

Summer to Fall TV

Ok, now on to TV. Talk about a dry spell. Summer was rough as far as shows to watch. There just wasn’t much that held my interest. Thank God for Netflix.

Breaking Bad

I did manage to break away from my silly sitcoms when I became fully engrossed in Breaking Bad. I know – a little late to the party. Normally, I don’t watch dark shows like this, but I became hooked after first watching a few seasons with Tony, then wrapping up on my own while working out at home. I found watching in the morning or with company helped offset the terror I would normally feel when viewing solo at night. I seriously almost fell off the treadmill several times during some of the crazy, violent scenes – Good Lord! Maybe now I can finally watch Ozark.


Once through Breaking Bad, I needed a new show to keep me distracted on the treadmill. I turned to the new season of Orange is the New Black. I’m still not done. I found this latest season so boring.

With little else to draw my attention, I began trolling Netflix to find something, anything, to latch on to.

Kath & Kim

Somehow I landed on a 2002 Australian sitcom about a mother and daughter living in suburbia called Kath & Kim. Has anyone seen this? I’ve always enjoyed British comedy – I was addicted to Absolutely Fabulous, but Australian humor may be even more outrageous. Once I was able to understand their accents, I found this show to be off-the-wall and purely entertaining. Warning: this show is honestly totally ridiculous – it was just too funny not to watch.

Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope

Off to another part of the world. I landed in Ireland watching a show called Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. Two super short seasons follow a couple of 20-something women in Dublin whose partying ways get in the way of their friendship and success. This was an interesting show and I quickly became invested in the ladies’ stories.


Netflix must have noticed my trend toward foreign programs because I recently noticed its suggestion for Sisters, another Australian based show. This one, a drama bringing three women together who discover they are sisters. It’s revealed that their biological father parented over 100 children in a fertility clinic debacle. This show is a bit odd, but yet again I’m sucked in. The first season is only seven episodes, so it’ll be over before I know it.

Fall TV

With all of these obscure distractions, I nearly forgot that Fall TV is finally here. I’m not particularly excited about any one show, but a couple I may check out are:

A Million Little Things (ABC) – a This is Us inspired tear-jerker seems depressing on its premise alone, but may have an interesting plotline assuming they don’t try to outdo This is Us. I kind of think they are going to try to do that, in which case I probably won’t like it.

The Neighborhood (CBS) – Not sure about this one but it has Max Greenfield, Schmidt from New Girl, and I’d love to see more of him.

I’m not really sure what else too look forward to. Any suggestions?

What are you watching this fall?




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Back to School Next Week – The Unofficial End of Summer

Julia’s had a busy summer. This was just one of many books she had to finish.


This time next week, my girls will be back to school. I’m usually quite ready for this, but this time I’m a bit anxious. I cannot say why exactly, but I just don’t feel prepared. It has certainly been a busy summer, and that may be part of it, but other factors may be at play too.

Neither of my girls really required much back to school preparation this year. Sure, we’ve done some shopping, but nothing like when they were little and we’d fill a shopping cart at Target with every imaginable office supply known to man. Of course, the summer began late with end of school happening later than ever. I’m excited that blizzard bags have been instituted for this upcoming year ensuring a much earlier summer release. And of course there’s that little milestone that my oldest, Julia, will be experiencing in May –  high school graduation. Oh my, don’t even get me started! And then there’s my baby, Ally, who finished driver’s ed this summer and will soon be getting her permit. How can this be?

It’s going to be a big year. One that I am excited for, but a little apprehensive about too. As I write this, I’m thinking that invoking #MartiniMonday, as detailed in last week’s post, would be a good idea. It’s still summer after all!

On the bright side of things, I welcome the fall weather, more of a routine and more exciting things for Musing Mediterranean.

Blog Tour

Speaking of which. Musing Mediterranean is currently on a virtual blog tour. I am posting like mad about it and hope you will check out some of the great book blogs out there that have been kind enough to host me.  Here is a list and if you follow me on other social media platforms, you are sure to see more about each blog stop there.

August 27:

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4: This and That Book Blog

5: Welcome to My World of Dreams

6: Mixed Book Bag


August 28:

1: Fabulous and Brunette

2: Locks, Hooks and Books

3: Independent Authors

4: Readeropolis

5: Stormy Nights Reviewing & Bloggin’

6: Musings From An Addicted Reader


August 29:

1: Author C.A.Milson

2: Straight From the Library

3: T’s Stuff

4: Deal Sharing Aunt

5: Our Families Adventure

6: Sea’s Nod


August 30:

1: Bookaholic review

2: The Avid Reader

3: Reviews by Crystal

4: B-Gina Review

5: BooksChatter


August 31:


2: Kimmi Love

3: Sharing Links and Wisdom

4: Wake Up Your Wild Side

5: It’s Raining Books

6: Notes From a Romantic’s Heart REVIEW

7: Rainy Day Reviews




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